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You're not dreaming, folks. They actually went this far in turning Homer into a jerk...
He even has his own Jerkass Homer cigars, as seen in Season 19's "E Pleribus Wiggum".

Jerkass Homer is a trope named after the season 9 episode "The Joy of Sect" when Homer said "Outta my way, jerkass!" Since then, the trope has been used to define when Homer has been, well, a jerkass. To find out bad/good qualities about his flanderized self, click here. Luckily, it was toned down once the HD seasons began.

Notable Cases

Season 10

  • Homer Simpson in: 'Kidney Trouble' (Episode 8 - The first episode to involve this trope, as Homer refuses to let his father go to the bathroom and, when his kidneys explode, refuses to give him a kidney transplant (Dr. Hibbert eventually steals one of Homer's kidneys whilst he's unconscious).)

Season 11

  • Saddlesore Galactica (Episode 13 - There's a mild example at the beginning when Homer pretends to be a PTSD-stricken Vietnam veteran in order to gain free admission to an amusement park, and later insults Comic Book Guy for pointing out how similar the premise of the episode is to Season 3's "Lisa's Pony".)
  • Alone Again, Natura-Diddly (Episode 14 - Causes the death of Maude Flanders through his own stupidity. However, he did try to make up for it.)
  • It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge (Episode 21 - Snipes Marge with a tranquilizer dart at the end just to get off doing chores.)

Season 12

  • Simpson Safari (Episode 17 - Causes the bag boys of Springfield to go on strike after tormenting one of them, calls out the people who made Animal Crackers, rudely demands a vacation and even throws a spear at a warrior for no reason!)

Season 13

  • The Parent Rap (Episode 2 - Only at the beginning when he kicks Bart and Milhouse out of the car just because he saw a van that'll give him $40 as he has the right KBBL penguin.)
  • The Frying Game (Episode 21 - A mild example when he eats a cobbler that wasn't intended for him.)

Season 14

  • Old Yeller-Belly (Episode 19 - He gets mad at Santa's Little Helper for not helping with the fire and mistreats him as if he didn't have a dog.)

Season 15

Season 16

  • On a Clear Day I Can't See my Sister (Episode 11 - Puts a flathead screwdriver at the end of Lisa's stick she uses to keep Bart away (as well as physically and mentally torture him).)

Season 18

  • The Boys of Bummer (Episode 18 - Joined the rest of the town in harassing Bart for losing the Little League World Series because he was "the man who created him" and didn't want to get harassed as well.)

The Simpsons Movie

  • Polluted Lake Springfield, caused the entire town to be trapped in a dome and later nearly got it nuked off the face of the Earth.

Season 19

  • Papa Don't Leech (Episode 16 - Imagined suffocating his own father to death.)

Season 27

  • Every Man's Dream (Episode 1 - Refused to do anything because of his narcolepsy at the beginning.)


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