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Jaundice Brothers (Monster High)

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Jaundice Brothers (Monster High)
Jaundice Brothers.jpg
They have all the time in the world to come up with a start to a web series based on an emerging toy franchise, and instead, they went after the boy band craze?
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 1
Air Date: May 5, 2010
Next episode: Talon Show

Jaundice Brothers is the first episode of the Monster High web series, being part of Volume 1 originally premiered on May 5, 2010, on YouTube. This episode is considered infamously to be the very first episode of Monster High but at the same time one of the worst episodes of the show.


Frankie, Clawdeen, Lagoona, Ghoulia, and Draculaura hang around at the lockers listening to the radio, which plays a song by the Jaundice Brothers. After the song, the radio host announces a video contest for a student body to prove they deserve to have the Jaundice Brothers play at their homecoming dance the most. Frankie latches on immediately, declaring that Monster High must win.

Why It Needs To Disband

  1. This episode was made solely to milked the Jonas Brothers' success at a time when the band was still at the height of their teen media success and even having their own TV show.
  2. It's also a terrible way to start a TV/web series, as the episode is focused more on making a pop reference than actually introducing the show and the characters.
  3. The plot is very lazy and rushed, Frankie and her friends try to record a video trying to convince the Jaundice Brothers to play Monster High at the same time they keep fangirling over them, in the end, they win and... That's it!
  4. The jokes are very boring which makes the episode even more boring to watch.
  5. Low-quality animation: When the Jaundice Brothers finally show up to play the show they are nothing more than just dark figures, their bodies and faces not visible which makes them characters completely irrelevant to the series.
  6. Like all season one episode this episode's timing is also exceedingly short, lasting just over a minute.