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"It's made for girls/boys"

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"It's made for girls/boys" is similar to "It's made for kids", but it is a different way. Instead of entertainment for younger audiences, it is an excuse used to dismiss criticism towards entertainment made for female or male audiences (both young and old).


There is a lot of demographic in the entertainment industry, from young boys and girls, to adult men and women, to even all people. However. some people may find shows "Too cheesy," "Too dumb," and Too cliched."

However, usually, people criticize female and male-targeted media for being inferior. These complaints include being simplistic, poorly written, touchy-feely, or shallow. The extent can be being too cheesy or just downright for girls or boys. This creates a place for boys/men or girls/women that find girl/boy entertainment being effortless, poor-quality, and excessively for girls/boys, making kids look like they have little to no real taste, which is not correct.

Some people just say that shows targeted at females/males are "girls/boys only" shows. Just because it is made for girls or boys, doesn't mean boys/girls cannot watch them. in similar vein to kids shows. A well enough made show makes anyone of any gender enjoy it.

Girls can watch "boy shows" and boys can watch "girl shows" altogether. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is one of them enjoyed by male audiences. In Japan, Toei marketed the Pretty Cure series to the Seinen crowd, not just the Kodomomuke and Shoujo crowd. At TTVSW, we try to make articles on either wiki on gender-specific shows the most unbiased as possible. However, we aren't safe from bias either.

Why This Excuse Sucks

  1. This excuse is very sexist, similar to "It's made for kids" and to some extent, almost the same. most of the reasons are the same as children's shows. It's just as sexist, just as childish, and also just as offensive as criticizing a girl's show by calling it "too girly" or because "it's made for boys".
    • We have an entire list about those similarities to the kids excuse.
      • This is an excuse to dismiss criticism towards people who criticize terrible girl/boy shows or terrible seasons of various girls/boy shows. The quality of girls/boy shows/seasons may not improve by saying it.
      • Girls/boys can harbor a love for boy/girl's shows as well, including magical girl shows.
      • It's possible for girls/boys to like shows that are not just made for them.
      • The entire excuse makes girls/boys look like they are complete idiots with no real taste who will like anything given to them, which isn't true.
    • The list below will list the other reasons why it sucks. Remember that it is similar to the kids excuse.
  2. This is very offensive to girls/women/boys/men of any age; it is also ironically offensive to boys/men/women/girls as they can't apparently watch them.
  3. This is the reason why girl's anime is usually unlicensed, and even if they are licensed, they'll probably not be license rescued, and even so, they are usually a lot edgier. On top of that, executives usually do not want to license magical girl shows because "they are for girls", making the executives very picky and may create Executive Meddling.
  4. This just creates the stigma that the boy or girl targeted media are 100% inferior, which is not true.
  5. This shows that people these days don't even know what gender equality even is or what is means.
  6. This also shows how immature and incompetent our society can be by saying such a sexist excuse like that.


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