Invasion from Below (Hero Factory)

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Invasion from Below (Hero Factory)
Invasion From Below.PNG
This finale was so bad that it invaded online.
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 11
Air Date: January 9, 2014 (Online only)
Writer: Adam Beechen
Director: Jorgen Klubien
Previous episode: Brain Attack

Invasion from Below is the 11th and final episode in the Hero Factory series. It aired on January 9th, 2014 exclusively online unlike the past episodes.


In the city of Antropolis, a drill for a new underground Metro Line project reveals strange creatures called Jumpers from within the planet that abduct the crew. Hero Factory send in Evo to investigate, which leads to an attack on the city by giant beasts. The Alpha 1 Team is flown in to stop the monsters by building battle machines to combat the beasts. Breez discovers that the monsters communicate with each other, while Stormer and Furno get abducted by the Jumpers. The remaining Heroes build more battle machines to explore the underground tunnel, while reinforcements from Hero Factory take on the Jumpers in the city above. After much exploration, the team arrive in the hive nest and discover their missing teammates hidden in cocoons in the custody of the Queen Mother of the beasts, who calls for more Jumpers and beasts to fight in her aid. Surrounded, Breez talks to the Queen and convinces her to free the other Heroes and let them all leave. However, the accidental death of one of the monsters causes the Queen to turn on the Heroes, forcing them to attack her. The pillar containing the nest collapses during the fight, crushing the Queen and sending the larvae falling into the lava. The Heroes escape to the surface where the tunnel is resealed, keeping the monsters inside. The Heroes head back to the Hero Factory, unaware of a Jumper cocoon hidden away in the loading deck of the Hero Craft.

Why It Shouldn't Invade From Below

  1. The CGI animation became even more cheap and lazy compared to the first 10 previous episodes.
  2. The heroes can take off their helmets, thus revealing creepy faces, as opposed to switching them from on/off during the past 10 episodes.
  3. The new voices sound horrible compared to the previous.
  4. The "story" doesn't even care about continuity unlike the past 10 episodes.
    • It in fact, feels more likely an advertisement since it shoved every single scene from every single set in the episode.
      • Coincidentally, the heroes said "Build pulls playset activating" when they were building their mechs.
  5. The episode felt rushed just for the Bionicle 2015 series to premiere.
  6. The heroes don't stay true to themselves.
    • Stormer is not as stern and serious as he used to and is barely active and doesn't appear for 14 minutes!
    • Furno isn't as confident and even enthusiastic as he was before and is also barely active and doesn't appear for 12 minutes!
    • Bulk went from being a smart hero to a dumb dude who drills into other homes.
    • Breez went from a kind-hearted hero to a hypocrite who says that nobody wants war, yet she didn't even care about the other civilians who were in the Queen Beast's cocoons dying.
    • Surge went from a funny comic relief to a coward.
    • Evo went from a calm, collected artillery specialist to a generic newcomer character.
    • Rocka went from a enthusiastic rookie who was part of the Hero Recon Team to a boring, generic, serious dude.
  7. Boring intro, even hinted that Stringer and Nex weren't in it.
  8. The Queen Beast is by far one of the worst antagonists and the most weakest villainess in this episode as she attacks the heroes after Breez had a talk with her and put their weapons down to not let the Queen Beast think they're threats when yet, one of the jumpers accidentally steps on the gun!
    • If they were going to put their weapons down to not be threats to the beasts anymore, they could've threw their weapons in the acid.
  9. All the heroes act like complete hypocrites, this is Hero Factory right?
  10. It's not the Hero Factory's problem to attack the rampaging beasts (In fact they made them angrier), it was the workers' problem who were drilling a tunnel underground.
  11. Major Plotholes:
    1. Why did Evo's XL Machine get downgraded into the Evo Spider Walker for the other machines to be built?
    2. Why didn't Furno get back into his Jet Machine since the Jaw Beast only grabbed him and didn't damage the mech?
      • Rocka didn't even get Furno's mech damaged while taking down the beast.
  12. Stringer Nex, Nathaniel Zib, Quadal, and Daniella Capricorn are absent for no apparent reason.
  13. A bunch of animation errors.
    • How did Stormer put Bulk in a medi-transport when yet the next scene Bulk is held by the Queen Beast, who got hit by said medi-transport?
    • How did Breez get surrounded by a crystal she's standing on and acid and more jumpers surrounding it?
  14. Very genocidal, the heroes are more likely villains considering that the heroes don't care about the beasts dying, and the workers drilled into the beasts home to begin.
    • In fact, the workers' intention was to build an underground transport tunnel despite the fact that they didn't know what was underground.
  15. Despite the fact that Hero Factory may not be the greatest show in television history, it deserves better for its series finale than this, as this was a poor way to end the show and the toyline of the same name in general.
    • In fact, the episode was so unsuccessful that LEGO abandoned the Hero Factory toyline altogether, thus replacing it with Bionicle's 2015-2016 reboot.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The toys from this particular Hero Factory series are actually pretty cool, especially for using them for parts for making other Lego models.
  2. Nice character designs.


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