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"What's poppin'?"
Style: Reaction
Date Joined: August 22, 2014
Twitter: @caylusq
Other Media: Merch
No. of videos: 1321
Schedule: Daily
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 17.2M

Caylus Cunningham (born August 18, 1997) better known as Infinite, is an American YouTuber that reacts to things.

Why He Sucks

  1. He clickbaits on his channel to get views.
  2. If you go on the channel info, you can tell that he is desperate for more attention. Next to his Instagram, it says "Follow or no lambo for you." And on his Twitter, it says "Follow or no cookie for you."
    • On the video where he Googled himself, when he was on Famous Birthdays, he was #522, which is very impressive, but he begged his fans to take him to #1! Which is still a long way to go, even if you're #522!
  3. In November 2020, and partly October and December, he has been abusing the Among Us related videos for easy ad revenue; usually he did the scariest or funniest Among Us animations, while usually rejecting other topics. Only about 30% of his videos weren't Among Us related.
  4. As mentioned in WHS #1, he clickbaits. But despite being a family-friendly channel, some of his thumbnails are inappropriate. The inappropriate thumbnails usually use big butts to attract more people into the video.
  5. His gaming channel "Caylus," despite also being a family-friendly channel, a lot of his more recent videos consist of him playing Grand Theft Auto V which is an M-rated game. Again, this is done to get popularity.
  6. He begs the viewers to subscribe.
  7. He forces memes in his videos.
    • Also, some of the memes he puts in are dead.
  8. He encourages spam. On the video where he reacts to "TikTok Destroyed My Life," he wanted the top comment to be "ROFL, NEED TO YEET!" As many people want to make it to the top comment, many people have been putting that quote in, and it clogged up the comment section.
  9. He's an opinion lasher, when he Googled his name in one video, he went on Wikitubia (The YouTube wiki), and was offended by the comment "his content sucks." He even told the audience to delete the comment.
  10. He's so unintelligent.
    • On the video when he Googled himself, when he just got on the YouTube Wiki, he said "So we have that whole fricking site about me." but anyone with a brain could tell that this is a wiki, not a site, about YouTubers, not just him.
    • In an extreme teachers video. One of his lines is "Who doesn't have a phone, it's 2020 c'mon, everyone's just scrolling through TikTok all day long. That's what everyone does. What happened to scrolling through YouTube man, please drop a like, please subscribe, c'mon where're my YouTube fans?" Caylus, let me guess where your YouTube fans are. We are here watching your videos.
    • In one 2018 video, he told people to stop liking the taste of tomatoes. You can't forcefully change your taste!
  11. Greed: With a YouTube channel that mostly consist of kids, his main sponsor is Bang Energy, which shouldn't be consumed by children. What makes it worse is that he doesn't give a heads up to say that children shouldn't drink it in any of his Bang Energy ads. That means he doesn't care about the children's health and safety!
    • Plus, his Bang Energy ads all format in the same cookie-cutter formula, he praises the large variety of flavours Bang Energy has, and then shows a few of the flavours, then tell us to follow their Instagram.
  12. In some videos in 2018, he shows his recent Instagram pics, with annotations saying "follow me" and "click to subscribe" at the end just to reach the 10 minute mark.
  13. Also in 2018, after is horrible reaction with the train interrupting his videos, he just moved to California instead of, y'know, recording in a different room.
  14. Also in some of his 2018 videos, he keeps Fortnite playing on the TV while he's recording his videos just so he can look cool, even though he's wasting money by having the TV screen on.
  15. Despite being a family-friendly channel, occasionally, his thumbnails include swear words.
  16. Back in 2017, there were a few videos of him harassing his own mother.
  17. He uses sources in his videos without crediting the artist.
  18. He made two videos of Talking Tom. While the games aren't creepy anymore, so that proves he believes on the Talking Angela pedophile hoax.
  19. He prefers quantity over quality, proven that he did not one, but two videos of Googling his net worth.
  20. It's possible that he uses subbots, because only eight of his videos have more views than his sub count.
  21. Some of his jokes are used over and over again. For example, in the "You Had One Job" series, when he says "you had one job," he says afterwards "and that's the title of the video." And in that same franchise, he often says "you know what your one job is? It's to (something to give him more attention)."

Redeeming Qualities

  1. If there's one thing Infinite does teach his audience, it's to not be involved in peer pressure, in multiple videos, he has quotes like "Don't drink," "Don't do drugs," "Stay in school," and "Wear a mask." Unfortunately, he peer pressures his audience on his channel himself. Despite him being hypocritical, it's still important for children to learn.
  2. He can be really funny in a lot of his videos.
  3. One video goes to show that he's brave of showing unpopular opinions. He said he doesn't like Avengers: Endgame because of the spoilers.
  4. He has good editing skills.
  5. At least now, he's fine when he makes a video under 10 minutes.




one month ago
Score 2
Why does his YouTube name remind me of a certain infamous Sonic villain?


17 days ago
Score 3

Sarah davis

21 days ago
Score 1

Infinite clickbaiting, this guy does

this joke is bad


17 days ago
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I'm gonna try to send this to Caylus himself. If I can, will he take that criticism, or will he take his 9 y/o army to this page so they can attack me because I'm the creator of this page, or will he even see this?


17 days ago
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it's sent


7 days ago
Score 1
I used to watch but not anymore cuz he became a generic youtuber


6 days ago
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literally me as well, i unsubbed because there were too many among us vids of his


2 days ago
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well I didn't unsub but I was watching his videos to see if I still like him and I was very boring. speaking of him, imagine if he sees this and forces his fans to attack this page.


22 hours 12 minutes ago
Score 0

If he sees this, he'll likely make a video on it.

If he makes this video the title will be along the lines of: THIS USER SHOULD GET DEATH PENALTY (attack him)

and then the 9 y/o's could possible raid here and if this was FANDOM, I'd get hundreds of reports saying that I should be banned. The video may become a meme. And best of all, the simpleton 9 y/o cyberbullies will get blocked.


18 hours 47 minutes ago
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"You may call me... Infinite. In the last brief moments that remain of you."

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