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Indiana "Frosk" Black has a meltdown on G4

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And just like that, the channel returned not with a bang, but with a classic case of gaming-like false advertising.

On November 16, 2021, G4 was revived as a digital and linear network 6 in a half years after it was originally shut down on December 31, 2014.

When the channel's return was announced back on July 24, 2020, fans were excited about its revival and its return to its original roots, and by the time the network had officially relaunched a year later, the relaunch received positive reception from fans of its original run and newcomers that have been introduced to it.

However, the popularity of the channel has been increasingly declining due to the apparent meltdown of Indiana "Frosk" Black, one of the new co-hosts of X-Play, regarding so-called "sexism in gaming" as well as slandering her own fanbase.


On January 11, 2022, a month and a half after G4's relaunch, Frosk began a speech of some features that gamers request to be added to Red Dead Online in terms of content and gameplay features and then finished said speech followed by another one, out of the blue, that being "sexism in gaming". While discussing that, Frosk had been going on a rampant rant about viewers who were fans of former hosts of G4 (i.e. Morgan Webb of X-Play and Olivia Munn of Attack of the Show) and the fact that those fans don't find Frosk "as bangable as of the previous co-hosts" and she also stated that Morgan and Olivia "did not exist to be nice on the eyes for people", which is rather contradicting considering that the channel has had lots of sex appeal before it was terminated. Frosk continued that rant by calling out the people who had been sending her hate emails and comments that called her unattractive, which are very likely to just be trolls, so in other words she was just feeding them, and then brought up the other female workers of the channel by stating that they work hard, stand with Frosk, and then she finally ended the rant with an "if you don't like it, don't watch it" excuse.

The speech was critically panned by viewers due to the fact that Frosk was being very dismissive of G4's very own audience and the channel's past of having beautiful hosts doing sexy things, which was one of the appeals of G4 during its original run. Even Jirard (A.K.A. The Completionist), who is also a new co-host of X-Play, seemed rather uncomfortable during that rant, because of his total disinterest in politics, and the fact that he never thought that the rant would take place in the video giving that speech. The fans who were critical of that video also exposed Frosk's hypocrisy by showing a gif of her playfully pretending to grab a man's bottom in one of the episodes of Wizards of the Coast.

Between January 13 and 16, ever since the infamous meltdown Frosk had, the TV network's YouTube channel had started losing subscribers with a toll of 1,000-2,000 users who unsubscribed from the channel until it suddenly stopped from the 17th to the 19th and then 1,000 fans resubscribed on the 19th followed by the next day going forward where the subscriber loss had stopped again. Additionally, fans had been dislike bombing more recent G4 videos as well as posting negative comments about the channel's potentially second downfall on videos that are completely unrelated to the prior video where Frosk went on that rant about so-called sexism.

In response to the whole controversy, G4 had shut down discussions on their subreddit due to the fans rightfully calling out their decision to hire a host like Frosk who attacked fans just for finding the network's previous hosts attractive, and made a lengthy message on said subreddit with one of the statements saying "free speech doesn't equal free consequences". This had led to a lot of people thinking that G4 can't take any form of criticism and is willing to silence anyone who calls them out for their wrongdoings.

Shortly after the subreddit debacle, Frosk started to suddenly post civil tweets without so much as bringing up politics, let alone comments that disregard other people who have different political views from her. This is most likely due to the fact that the higher ups of G4 or NBCUniversal (owner of the channel) were displeased with the hosts' actions and demanded that she stop with her disregard of their own fans or else they both lose her job.

Two months later, however, Frosk's hypocrisy was exposed even further when a popular Twitch streamer known as Amouranth made a guest appearance in Name Your Pace, a new G4 show where streamers get to claim their prices for an auctioned product, and wore a skimpy bikini while emerging from a small swimming pool full of colored balls in one of the show's episodes.

Because of this whole controversy, fans are starting to believe that G4's future is looking uncertain and could possible lead to a second shutdown of the channel unless they get their act together.



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