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Incredible Crew

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Incredible Crew
Cartoon Network IC.jpeg
CN's answer to Saturday Night Live and All That. But there is nothing incredible about this show that how CN manages to put this in. That's incredible.
Genre: Sketch comedy
Surreal humor
Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: December 31, 2012 (Preview)
January 24 – April 11, 2013
Created by: Nick Cannon
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Starring: Shauna Case
Shameik Moore
Tristan Pasterick
Chanelle Peloso
Jeremy Shada
Brandon Soo Hoo
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 13

Incredible Crew was a short-lived sketch comedy that aired on Cartoon Network from December 31, 2012, to April 12, 2013.

Why It's Not Incredible

  1. The gags are very unfunny, and we mean UNFUNNY.
  2. Poorly done sketches such as Nice Try, Though and the Hand Unsanitizer that can even give Awesomeness TV and the worst sketches from Disney Channel's So Random! a run for their money.
  3. Another sketch titled "Super Annoying Guy On A Plane" consists of a guy (who, by the way, happens to be played by a young Shameik Moore) being "super annoying" in front of the other passengers, which is extremely grating and a pain to sit through.
  4. Very terrible songs and music videos, like "I'm Running Errands With My Mom", and "New Kid".
  5. Horrible acting, as typical for a live-action Cartoon Network series.
  6. Awfully weak writing.
  7. All of the characters are very annoying.
  8. It's basically nothing more than a kid-friendly version of Loiter Squad, Robot Chicken, and Saturday Night Live, but sucks the charm out of them and is poorly executed when compared to more successful kid-friendly versions like MAD and All That.
  9. As mentioned before, it is a live-action show on Cartoon Network, which is extremely out of place because the channel is supposed to be for "cartoons".
  10. The show comes across as incredibly dated, as most sketch comedy has moved to the internet in recent years.
  11. Its animated segments are so badly animated, it's like seeing cardboard cutouts moving around.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The show's logo and promotional posters are awesome and well-edited to look at.
  2. The intro's editing is better than the show itself.
  3. It was the debut of Shameik Moore, who would later move on to play Malcolm Adekanbi in the 2015 critically acclaimed film Dope, and the voice actor of Miles Morales in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which were far more suitable roles than this garbage.


Incredible Crew garnered critical backlash from viewers, with a very low user rating of 1.8 on and a 4/10 on IMDb.


  • This was the final scripted live-action show on Cartoon Network, until the announcements of Family Mash-Up and Tweety Mysteries.
  • This was Jeremy Shada's second time to be involved with a Cartoon Network series, the first being Adventure Time.


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