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iPear Store
A store I can't stand.png
I would recommend the Apple Store, not this place.
Part of Season: 6
Episode Number: 5
Air Date: May 12, 2012
Writer: Dan Schneider
Jake Farrow
Director: David Kendall
Previous episode: iHalfoween
Next episode: iBattle Chip

"iPear Store" is the 5th episode of the 6th Season of iCarly and the 99th episode overall. This is the worst episode of Season 6.


Freddie gets a job at the Pear Store, and Sam later gets a job there too.

Why It Sucks

  1. The main problem with this episode is its lack of focus. This episode has four sub-plots, all of which are bad:
    • The main plot is Freddie getting a job at the Pear Store. The employees treat him badly, and Sam somehow gets a job there too.
    • The Fire department refuses to come help with Spencer's fire problem, so he has to make it up to them.
    • Carly tries to hit on a nerdy guy at the store, and he doesn't have any idea that she's hitting on him.
    • Gibby tries to buy a phone case from a very nervous and sweaty worker.
  2. It was never explained how/why Sam was employed by Natalie. She was even rude to Natalie, so how would she be a good person to hired.
    • Freddie even informs Natalie that Sam has a criminal record, but Natalie is ok with that.
  3. Plot hole: The fire department can't simply decide to not put out Spencer's fires anymore just because they're tired of doing it.
    • Additionally, this is nonsensical as well. In real life, the fire department can be legally sued for refusing to do their job.
  4. This episode is really mean-spirited, as it's a torture episode for Freddie. Spencer also receives a torture treatment as well in his subplot.
  5. Gibby's plot is very uninteresting and unfunny, and could have been cut from the episode.
  6. Carly's date, Trey, for an unexplained reason, tries to creepily kiss Carly and she doesn't want that. Yet Carly was flirting with him first in the Pear Store.
  7. This episode is a big rip-off of the Drake & Josh episode, Movie Job, but done much worse.
    • A smart character (Freddie and Josh) get a job at a place, and a lazy character (Sam and Drake) soon get the same job.
    • The manager likes the lazy character more than the smart character. The easiest difference is the ending: Drake takes the blame for something Josh caused, and gets fired, while Sam just quits her job with no explanation. Natalie also liked Sam more than Freddie, but unlike Helen liking Drake, it was never shown why.
  8. Most of the characters (including the one-time characters) are either unlikeable, flat, nonsensical or all three. Most of them have almost no motivation for what they do in this episode.
    • Carly is a bit of a hypocrite in this episode. As stated in WIS #1 and WIS #6, she flirts with Trey at the Pear Store. Yet when Trey returns those same feelings (albeit to a much cringier and weirder extent), she feels uncomfortable about it. Her crush Trey isn't much better either, for how his love interest for Carly comes straight out of nowhere.
    • Sam is probably the worst character in this episode, as she disobeys the Pear Store policies (by drinking a beverage in the store) and is rude to Natalie, yet Natalie hires her and she gets treated well while Freddie is treated as a scapegoat in this episode.
    • Natalie is an incredibly unlikeable and nonsensical one-time character, as she mainly serves as a rude boss who's supposed to be played for ironic humor, yet it doesn't work because of her mean-spirted treatment towards Freddie.
    • The fire department are nonsensical and mean-spirited characters who simply refuse to put out Spencer's fires just because they're sick of it.
    • Woody (the nervous worker Gibby meets) is just a one-note character who only boils down to the joke that he is easily startled. Along with the entire Gibby subplot as a whole, nothing of importance would have changed if he was just edited out of the episode.
    • The Pear Store customers are just one-time characters that only boil down to the joke that their idiotic customers. The gag isn't funny nor is it necessary to the episode.
    • While Spencer, Freddie and Gibby are all likeable (see RQ #2), Spencer and Freddie are both treated as the butt-monkeys of this episode. Gibby's appearance (as mentioned in WIS #5) is also totally pointless and irrelevant in this episode.
  9. Terrible ending: After Sam gets promoted to Freddie's boss, he gets angry about it and tells her and Natalie off, but gets fired. After he leaves, Sam quits for unexplained reasons.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It was satisfying to see Spencer beat up Trey for trying to kiss Carly.
  2. Spencer, Gibby and Freddie are still likeable in this episode. Spencer also has good intentions trying to make up his accidents to the fire department.



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