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iDate a Bad Boy (iCarly)

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IDate a Bad Boy (iCarly)
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IDate a Bad Boy (iCarly)
Really Carly? You fall for a bad boy you didn't like only to dump him in the end for sexist and stereotypical reasoning?
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 16
Air Date: May 9, 2009
Writer: Dan Schneider
Director: Steve Hoefer
Previous episode: iGo Nuclear
Next episode: iReunite with Missy

"iDate a Bad Boy" is the 16th episode of the second season of iCarly and the 43rd/44th episode overall. This is the worst iCarly episode of Season 2, alongside "iGo Nuclear", and the worst 1-hour iCarly special of all time.


Spencer is upset when Carly starts dating a new boy with a bad reputation.

iBad Qualities

  1. While the plot of this episode is fine on paper (see BQ #3), the execution is horrible and unrealistic. Spencer is initially skeptical and grudgeful against Carly's date Griffin for stealing his motorcycle. But after getting caught and returning the motorcycle, Spencer forgives him and suddenly becomes buddies with him to do sculpturing.
  2. This episode has three subplots, which are handled in a rather sloppy way.
  3. The subplot with Sam has a nightmare with a monster eating her soup was awkward and nonsensical (it is resolved with Spencer having the nightmare after helping Sam get over her nightmare).
  4. Carly is unlikable in this episode. While she had a decent start with not liking Griffin because of being a bad boy, stealing her brother's motorcycle, and annoying her friend Wendy (see BQ #5) after Carly falls for Griffin and kisses him, she starts liking Griffin as if none of her skepticisms existed. Once again, this is incredibly unrealistic and sudden.
  5. Carly then starts to do anything just to be with Griffin, including disobeying her brother behind his back.
  6. Sam is also unlikeable as well, as she demands Freddie to make a website for her to place all of her disgusting videos.
  7. Terrible Ending: Eventually, Carly dumps Griffin after she finds out he collects "PeeWee Babies" (a parody of Beanie Babies). Her reasoning is also incredibly sexist and nonsensical, simply because they are for girls and children.
  8. Sam and Freddie's subplot also has a bad ending. When Freddie gets fed up with Sam's disrespectful behavior towards him, he rips up the contract they made, but sells the website to a guy named Sam Puckett and makes $1,000, and since Freddie tore up the contract, he's left with nothing but $1. Thus, making Sam a karma houdini in this episode.
  9. The "PeeWee Babies" plot is a rip-off of another Dan Schneider show 'What I Like About You,' where one of the sisters dumps a guy due to his "girly" and "childish" collection.

iGood Qualities

  1. The episode has a few funny moments, like Spencer's disguise as a janitor, Freddy trying and hilariously failing to be a bad boy so he can impress Carly, and the line "I may be an idiot...but I'm not stupid."
  2. The idea of Spencer becoming skeptical over his sister's date is a good concept, even though it was handled poorly here.
  3. Carly started off well being just as skeptical as Spencer on Griffin.
  4. Freddie and Spencer are likeable and well meaning characters in this episode.
  5. Good acting as usual.



  • Sam's nightmare is a reference to iCarly writer Eric Goldberg, who has the same recurring dream.
  • Griffin later appeared in the season 3 episode "iBeat the Heat". He later returns a third time in the reboot episode "iMLM".
  • This is the first iCarly episode to start with the word "iDate", the second episode being iDate Sam & Freddie.


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