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ICONIX Entertainment (Post-2013)

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ICONIX Entertainment (Post-2013)
The sad downfall of a Korean studio.
Industry: Limited liability company
Subsidiaries: Studio GALE

Iconix Co, Ltd. (Korean: ㈜아이코닉스) headquartered in Seoul, is a major South Korean entertainment company formed by the merger of Iconix. The company is commonly referred to as "Iconix", the same name used in previous incarnations of Iconix.

Iconix also produces an anime review entertainment, Korea; as well as a Korean language version of Toei Animation's Ojamajo Doremi anime and a called Michel. It used to other animation and featured storylines inappropriate for Pororo, though not animated entertainment (see Anime).

Iconix is jointly owned by the animation companies Toei Animation, SK Broadband, Ocon Animation Studio, Roi Visual, DR Movie.

Why Their Not ICONIC Now

  1. Their publishing subsidiary Kidsicon doesn't make sense, because they publish Pororo-Torture books like I Want To Win, (이기고 싶어요 in Korean).
  2. They keep on making annoying Songs such as this one.
  3. It ended up having bad shows like,
  4. Their animation nowadays looks so cheap.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Their show Titipo Titipo was well done.
  2. Their Vimeo account shows cool stuff about them.