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Hurl and Go Seek (Total Dramaː Pahkitew Island)

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Hurl and Go Seek
Evil vomit.png
The beginning of the end for Dave and Sky...
Series: Total Drama
Part of Season: 5b
Episode Number: Season: 9
Overall: 115
Air Date: Canada: October 23, 2014
United States: July 15, 2014
Previous episode: Three Zones and a Baby
Next episode: Scarlett Fever

Hurl and Go Seek is the 9th episode of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island.


The final seven contestants are merged. Their challenge is to eat a disgusting meal in which Sugar gets to hunt the others in a hide-and-seek showdown. Dave loses self-control due to Sky rejecting his feelings, while Shawn finally reclaims the respect of Jasmine by confronting their fear and no longer abandoning their loved one. Dave ultimately sends themselves home, depressing Sky, while Max and Scarlett's discovery leads to an even more shocking conclusion.

Why It Makes You Want To Hurl

  1. This episode goes WAY TOO FAR with the gross-out humor, some of which is visually disturbing.
  2. Dave is by far the worst character here, as he acts like such a crybaby when Sky rejects him.
  3. Besides Dave, Sky isn’t any better, and this is when she was flanderized, as she became SO overcompetitive that she cannot handle even the slightest bit of losing, which probably makes her unlikable to some fans, and she was very angry just because she didn't win the eating challenge (even before Dave rubbed it in her face), and to the point where she yelled at Dave VERY harshly (while it's understandable that Dave was acting too cocky trying to prove that he can beat Sky so he can impress her, her yelling was still unnecessary).
  4. Besides Dave and Sky, Chris and Sugar are also unlikable as usual, with Chris still being his cruel self for feeding the final 7 some Juggy Chunks, which consisted of expired meat and mayonnaise from the 1970s, and Sugar for being her usual gross and mean-spirited self.
  5. After Sugar wins the first challenge, where the contestants drink Juggy Chunks, she wanted to drink more until Chris stops. Which makes the winner do the same challenge, which is just sad for a contestants gaining a free challenge, not helping that she is a cruel contestant.
  6. Dave's elimination was rather pathetic, as he voted himself off into the cannon just because Sky rejected him.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Decent animation and voice acting as usual.
  2. Shawn, Jasmine, Scarlett, Max, and Chef are the only likable characters in this episode.
  3. Jasmine and Shawn get on good terms again.
  4. It sets off the events that lead to "Scarlett Fever".
  5. Chris' final line in this episode "Total. Drama. Pahkitew- WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!" is hilarious.


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