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Hunting Hitler

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Hunting Hitler
Hunting Hitler.jpg
"I never take facts at face value and I never will." - A quote from Bob Baer that tells you everything you need to know about this show
Genre: Reality
Running Time: 42 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: 10 November 2015 – 19 February 2018
Network(s): History Channel
Created by: Bob Baer
Distributed by: History Channel
Starring: Bob Baer — Former CIA Operative
Dr. John Cencich — Former International War Crimes Investigator, Professor, and Criminologist
Nada Bakos — Former Terrorist Targeting Officer
Tim Kennedy — U.S. Army Special Forces Operator and Former MMA Fighter
James Holland — WWII Historian
Mike Simpson — Medical Doctor, Airborne Ranger, and Special Forces Operator
Gerrard Williams — Investigative Journalist and Historian
Lenny DePaul — Former Commander U.S. Marshals

Steve Rambam

Seasons: 3
Episodes: 25 (+2 special episodes)

Hunting Hitler is a History Channel television series based on the hypothetical premise that if Adolf Hitler escaped from the Führerbunker in Berlin at the end of World War II, how might he have done so and where might he have gone. The show was conceived due to the recent declassification of FBI documents exploring whether Hitler might still have been alive in the late 1940s. The History Channel canceled the show after 3 seasons on March 6, 2018. This show received mix-to-negative reviews.

Why It Didn't Hunt Hitler

  1. The main problem with the show is how it's based solely on the conspiracy theory that Hitler made it out of Germany towards the end of WWII despite evidence proving that Hitler died in his bunker.
  2. Despite this evidence being public, they never once bring it up and keep referring to the skull piece that belonged to Hitler's lover, Edna.
  3. Much like many other shows on the History Channel, there are many times where nothing happens.
  4. There are times when the hosts will go to Germany to interview the locals purely to ask them if they were involved in hiding Hitler. What?!
  5. There are many times where the investigators will make up a bunch of hypotheses as to where Hitler would go and never find any evidence to support this. In one notable instance, the investigators hypothesized that Francisco Franco had made Hitler his undercover gardener, because he wanted someone to work for him.
  6. In the season 2 finale, the investigators were given what appeared to be a picture of an elderly Hitler and they hyped this up throughout the season, only to find out it was a picture of an elderly Moe Howard of The Three Stooges. That's not a joke!

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Great concept, but terrible execution.


The show has been criticized by Variety for "capitalizing on the American public's fascination with Hitler to produce a show based on a hypothesis, while providing no evidence to substantiate the theory."



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