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Huey's Father's Day (Baby Huey)

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Huey's Father's Day (Baby Huey)
Huey's father will surely want to forget this Father's Day.
Series: Baby Huey
Episode Number: 12 (Baby Huey)
121 (Noveltoons)
Air Date: May 8, 1959
Writer: Carl Meyer
Jack Mercer
Director: Seymour Kneitel
Previous episode: "Jumping with Toy" (Baby Huey)
"Hound About" (Noveltoons)
Next episode: N/A (Baby Huey)
"Out of This Whirl" (Noveltoons)

Huey's Father's Day is a 1959 Noveltoons cartoon directed by Seymour Kneitel and produced by Paramount Cartoon Studios. This is the final Baby Huey cartoon in the Golden Age of Animation, and the last Noveltoons cartoon to be coloured in Technicolor.


In this cartoon, Baby Huey helps out his father on Father's Day to disastrous results.

Why It Deserves a Disaster Day

Huey Father Day.jpg
  1. Extremely poor animation, as with every Famous Studios cartoon by 1959, even when compared to the previous Baby Huey cartoons such as "Swab the Duck", "Pest Pupil", and "Jumping with Toy". It suffers from stiff movements, off-model character designs, and cheaply-drawn backgrounds.
  2. Baby Huey in this short is more annoying and unhelpful than in his previous shorts, with his naivety (naiveness) and stupidity being brought up to unlikeable levels.
    • At one point, Huey intentionally breaks off the brakes of his father's car, causing him to crash and hospitalize him.
  3. This short is extremely strident towards Huey's father. Unlike in "Huey's Ducky Daddy", where Huey's father is somewhat depicted as neglectful and bitter towards Baby Huey; here, he is simply trying to relax but ends up being tormented through Huey's incompetence, making the gags more mean-spirited.
  4. As with most of the previous Baby Huey cartoons, all of the gags are predictable yet comes off as harsh and realistic.
  5. Most of the gags rip-off those from the previous cartoons, such as the high-diving gag from "Sir Irving and Jeames".
  6. Slow pacing and timing, causing the gags to fall flat in this cartoon.
  7. The cartoon ends terribly by having Baby Huey state that he will repeat his antics again the next day because it is Huey's Father's birthday, causing the latter to snap.
  8. This cartoon ended the Baby Huey series on a sour note.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Huey's father is the only likable character in this short.
  2. Passable music score from Winston Sharples, even though it is mostly recycled canned music from the previous Famous Studios cartoons.



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