How To Noob The Science Fair (Supernoobs)

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They pretty much bullied through out the fair more than they "noob" it

How To Noob The Science Fair is an episode from the first season of Supernoobs.


Shope is determined to win the science fair, but Kevin stops at nothing to take over her throne. It soon evolves in the Noobs competing against eachother.

Why It Sucks

  1. Kevin continuously teasing Shope.
  2. It turns out Roach wins. All he did was just sit on a table. BONUS: HE BROUGHT HIMSELF AS A SCIENCE PROJECT.
  3. Kevin is a huge jerk in this episode, but is put in the right regardless.
  4. Despite being a smart girl, Shope acts somewhat like a jerk in this episode, just like in How To Care For Your Noob, but multiplied by 1,000,000.
  5. Kevin brought his battle ball for a science project in disguse as an action figure.
  6. Besides Shope, all the characters were acting like enormous jerks to one another in the name of competing.
  7. The noobs are all at their absolute worst. Plain and simple.
  8. Continuous bragging from Shope and Kevin about winning the science fair competition.
  9. Pretty much the first of many episodes where they paint Shope as a jerk and nothing else.
  10. The episodes DOES NOT GIVE A CHANCE for Shope to redeem herself. It just goes to show how much the writers hate her.


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