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House Flip (The Loud House)

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House Flip (The Loud House)
House Flip.jpg
The episode that took torturing a side character way too far, even suppressing (seasons 6-8) SpongeBob SquarePants standards!
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 19b
Air Date: April 30, 2020 (UK)
May 12, 2020 (US)
Writer: Kyle Marshall
John McKinnon
Director: Kyle Marshall
Previous episode: Sister Act
Next episode: Don't You Fore-get About Me

"House Flip is the thirty-sixth episode of the fourth season of The Loud House, it premiered early in the UK on April 30, 2020, but aired 12 days later in both the USA and New Zealand.

Why This Episode Got Flipped Out

  1. For starters: This is a very abusive and somewhat malicious torture episode for Flip.
  2. This episode's plot is already bad from the start, as you can tell, this episode might as well never end well.
  3. Similar to "The Limit" from The Amazing World of Gumball, no one in the Loud family (except for Lily) is likable in this episode for different reasons:
    • The Loud siblings are the most unlikeable characters (except Lily) throughout the episode since they act like total idiots by fighting over who gets to choose the music in Vanzilla and for torturing Flip for no reason.
    • Lynn Sr and Rita are total hypocrites in this episode as even though they do make very good points about how reckless their behavior is with Vanzilla, one of them has wrecked Vanzilla before.
    • Speaking of Vanzilla, the Loud siblings also completely forget what their parents told them in the first place as if they have followed the advice from what was given to them earlier to completely forgetting what the advice was already given to them later.
    • Every single one of the Loud siblings would already know by now that lying to their parents is a completely bad idea.
  4. As mentioned above, the only reason the Loud siblings crashed to Flip is because they argue over what radio station they want to listen to. Does a radio- station even matter that much to them? Some of them might have earbuds.
  5. This episode expects the viewer to root against Flip, but instead, it makes you feel awful for him, because he gets so much pain through the episode, thanks to the rudeness and the idiocy of the Loud kids.
    • But worse yet, even though you feel sympathy for Flip and he is more tolerable than the Louds, not even he is likable, because in the later half he starts being at one of his worse, torturing the unlikable Loud siblings when he finds out what happened (though they clearly deserve that). Granted, they deserve it but WHY ON EARTH WOULD THE MOST SYMPATHETIC CHARACTER ALSO BE UNLIKEABLE!!
  6. Having Flip's injured body to be transported on top of Vanzilla while bringing them home is a dumb move that shows that this episode does not care about logic. If only Flip would have just stayed in the hospital until he's recovered, we would have skipped the entire episode's plot.
  7. Most of the humor is just awful here as what was said earlier, it relies on making characters act hypocritical or stupid because of plot convenience.
  8. Half-Bad ending: Flip got injured AGAIN by the very same roof, and ending up in the hospital.
    • The ending involves Rita and Lynn Sr. having a three-way with Flip, after both of them injured Flip, by accident. Granted, they don't have a literal threeway, but the way the ending is set up could be considered that, especially with Lynn Sr. saying, "On the bright side maybe we'll get free flipees at the end of the week. (laughs nervously)"
    • This also shows this episode uses this torture episode cliché where a character or two acts unlikable because story's sake, and then the next moment, they are the ones to later sympathize. That's a bad idea for a story because it's a daft cliché that cannot make up its mind or try what it's trying to be, let alone force in bad storytelling.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Lily, The doctor and Kotaro are likable characters since they didn't do anything malicious.
    • As mentioned above, Lily is the only likeable Loud since she never got involved with the plan at all.
    • Although he's still unlikable in this episode, Flip is the most sympathetic character and wasn't bad as the Louds during the first half and is actually way more tolerable than them.
    • The only Loud sibling who cares about Flip's injuries is Leni (though that doesn't stop her from being extremely unlikeable)
  2. Despite hypocrisy, at least Lynn Sr. and Rita do have a point about the number of times on how wrecking Vanzilla can cause consequences.
  3. The title card music, Starlet Express, is nice.
  4. Flip defended the kids by telling Rita and Lynn Sr. that they took care of him, and the parents decides to lift the grounding for "No driving for the rest of the month".
    • The Loud kids do get their comeuppance for what they've done to Flip.
  5. Depending on your view, Flip deserved the karma after leaving the kids and almost getting them hypothermia in "Snow Way Out".
  6. Half-Good ending: Depending on your view, the Loud Parents got their comeuppance for going too far over suspending the kids’ driving privileges after hurting Flip.


  • One of the few episodes where Flip got his starring role.
  • This episode was confirmed by Jessica DiCicco on Instagram.
  • A part of the hospital scene was censored in the UK airing, which was unknown until the episode aired elsewhere. The following text in bold was cut due to its dark humor:
    • Lynn: "But how can we do that without Mom and Dad finding out what we did?" Luan: "Yeah, we'll lose Vanzilla privileges forever!" Lucy: "We can hide him in the morgue. A few beds just opened up." Luan and Lisa: [uncomfortable about that idea.] "Ugh." Lincoln: "Or we could just hide him in our attic."


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