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Horrorscope (Monster High)

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Horrorscope (Monster High)
And in this episode we learn that to find boyfriends it is necessary to read horoscopes and petrify people.
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 22
Air Date: December 9, 2010
Previous episode: Fur Will Fly
Next episode: Idol Threat

Horrorscope is the 22th episode of the Monster High webseries, being part of the Volume 1 originally premiered on December 9, 2010 on YouTube.


After reading in the horrorscope that she will date the first boy that will appear in front of her, Draculaura and her friends decide at all costs to chase the boy and prevent him from leaving school so that Draculaura doesn't miss the chance to date him.

Why It's Scarily Terrible

  1. To start, this episode gives a huge bad moral, because it teaches that we must delude ourselves from futile things like horoscopes and we must follow the exact orders even if for that it is necessary that you commit bad deeds to fulfill your horoscope.
  2. Draculaura is also REALLY unlikeable in this episode, being a total Mary Sue who is obsessed with turning a boy she doesn't even know into her boyfriend, even though to do that she needs to PETRIFIATE him and force him to date her.
  3. The design of the boy Draculaura is in love with is pretty lazy, since they just recycled Heath Burns' design to stitch a different hair and skin color. The boy doesn't even have a face!
  4. The boy can also be considered a unnecessary character, since after this episode he never appears or is mentioned again (not even has a name), making Draculaura's obsession with wanting to make him become her boyfriend was pointless, turning this episode into a filler.
  5. Karma houdini: Draculaura was not punished for making the boy petrified and forcing him to be her boyfriend.
    • The same goes for Frankie (who electrocuted two students and the boy), Lagoona (made a lot of frogs scatter around the school causing a mess in the hallways) and Cleo and Deuce (they petrified the boy).
  6. Bad ending: As much as the episode tries to make people root for Draculaura and believe that she won because she managed to get the boy's attention, her action in petrifying him and forcing him to be her boyfriend (while still petrified) is very selfish and mean-spirited.



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