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Horrid Henry: Good Day, Bad Day (Horrid Henry)

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Horrid Henry: Good Day, Bad Day is the 9th episode of Series 5 of Horrid Henry, and 217th episode overall.

Horrid Henry: Good Day, Bad Day (Horrid Henry)
Horrid Henry Good Day Bad Day.png
It may be a good day, but this episode is anything but good.
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 11 minutes
Country: United Kingdom
Release Date: January 18, 2019
Created by: Lucinda Whiteley


Mum's latest scheme for getting Henry to do good might just work, especially if it means that Peter ends up being a little less than perfect for once.

Why It's No Good, All Bad

  1. Let's get the biggest problem out of the way: This episode is extremely (and we mean EXTREMELY) unfair towards Henry. First, they scold him for saying that a show Peter likes is boring, then Peter makes him do all of the chores FOR him while he reads comics, and he still gets more stars than Henry, and then, and even when Henry does enough good deeds to go to the movie premiere, Mum gives the tickets to his cousin.
  2. The good day bad day chart has several inconsistent policies Mum put in place for Henry. It is supposed to function as a reward chart for Henry and Peter to be on their best behavior and Mum used it to make a deal with Henry that if he kept getting green lines all the way down the chart he would get to see a gross class zero movie with Dad. Henry fulfills his end of the bargain but when he does so, Mum breaks her promise to Henry by giving the tickets away and completely undermining dad in the process since dad was the one who bought the tickets and wanted to go to the movie as badly as Henry did.
  3. The message of thinking of others is hypocritical, as Henry DID think of others, but he was still punished at the end.
  4. Mum and Peter are completely unlikeable and even more cruel here for a these reasonsː
    • As shown in WINGAB#1 and #2, Mum is completely awful with her chart.
    • Peter writes a bad day moment for Henry just because he called him a "worm" and for having an opinion for The Number Gnomes.
  5. The Flash animation is noticeably worst and lazy, especially in the intro, being extremely static.
  6. Dad calls Henry horrid for putting his bowl in the sink and making a bit of noise. That is a reason in itself.
  7. Atrocious endingː As mentioned in WINGAB#1, Mum gives Henry's tickets to Steve instead, and because Simon wanted to go, they both end up screaming "NOOOOOǃ", ending the episode awfully.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Henry is still likeable in this episode.
    • In spite of him calling Henry "horrid" twice in the opening, Simon isn't too bad for the rest of the episode.
  2. The production values of this episode are still good, like the music and (most of) the voice acting.


Not a lot of people talk about this episode, further solidifying how awful it is.


  • The episode is sometimes referred to as "Horrid Henry And The Good Day, Bad Day".


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