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Hold the Lion Please (Little Audrey)

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Hold the Lion Please
Hold the Lion Please (Little Audrey).png
Never bring the lion to your house.
Series: Little Audrey
Episode Number: 7 (Little Audrey)
58 (Noveltoons)
Air Date: April 13, 1951
Writer: I. Klein
Director: I. Sparber
Previous episode: Goofy Goofy Gander (Little Audrey)
Mice Paradise (Noveltoons/Herman and Katnip)
Next episode: Audrey the Rainmaker (Little Audrey)
The Land of the Lost Watches (Noveltoons)

Not to be confused for the 1942 Bugs Bunny cartoon of the same name directed by Chuck Jones.

Hold the Lion Please is a 1951 Little Audrey (Noveltoons) cartoon directed by I. Sparber. It is widely considered to be one of only two worst Little Audrey cartoons ever made, alongside "The Seapreme Court".

Why It Deserves To Get Attacked By The Lion

  1. This cartoon has a very dark concept of a tomboy escapes the zoo animal and brought it to the house.
  2. Audrey herself was extremely unlikeable and out of character in this short as she acted like a disloyal and loathsome little brat throughout the whole cartoon.
  3. It was an infamous predecessor to MGM's family comedy, Zebra in the Kitchen.
  4. It badly insulted Walt Disney's Goofy cartoon, Lion Down, which was released earlier in the same year.
  5. There are very bad reasons as to why this short is a bad Little Audrey cartoon:
    • Little Audrey bring the lion out of the cage and escaped from the zoo.
    • Little Audrey badly shaved off the lion's hair, making the lion a heavily rip-off of the Disney cartoon character, Louie the Mountain Lion.
  6. Painful slapstick humor, when lion badly roared at Audrey, TWICE. This is sad since the slapstick in most of the Little Audrey shorts are good.
  7. Poor writing.
  8. The title card looks extremely bland and poorly-made.
  9. The only way that Petunia had to get rid of the lion was by shooting ALL AROUND THE HOUSE.
  10. Audrey got messing up with the baby animals, until Audrey frees the lion.
  11. Some unfunny moments like the lion carrying the bathtub.
  12. Abusive Ending: Little Audrey regains consciousness when Petunia promises her she can keep the lion.

Redeemeing Qualities

  1. The animation, background, voice acting and music composition are overall decent for the early 1950s standards.
  2. The scene where the shaved lion ate the turkey (leaving the bones behind) is pretty funny.
  3. Thankfully, Little Audrey would be reverted her cute, tomboyish personality after this cartoon in "Audrey the Rainmaker" and would remain so ever since.




  • It was the last Little Audrey cartoon to credit George Germanetti as an animator.


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