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Historias del Ocho

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Historias del Ocho
It seems that those of Grupo Chespirito took it as a competition to do something worse than El Chavo Animado.
Genre: "Comedy"
Running Time: 1 Minute
Country: Mexico
Release Date: February 21, 2021
Network(s): YouTube
Created by: Grupo Chespirito
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 1
Previous show: El Chavo del Ocho
El Chavo Animado

Historias del Ocho is a 2021 web short based on El Chavo del Ocho and a succesor of El Chavo Animado, created by Grupo Chespirito, the current owners of the El Chavo trademark due to a dispute with Televisa (the previous owner). It was released on Twitter and YouTube on February 21, 2021. Originally created to be a series of shorts, the series was canceled after one episode due to the great backlash and criticism it garnered on social media. Due to its poor reception, the tweet was deleted, but the video can still be found on YouTube.

Why It’s Not Historic

  1. Low-budget, lazy and unappealing animation. After the initial scene with El Chavo running which is decently animated, the characters start to move like still images with not much movement at all.
  2. The character designs aren't very good and are a massive downgrade to the ones from El Chavo Animado, especially Quico, who looks very creepy due to his baggy eyes and snake-like pupils.
  3. The backgrounds are just as terrible as the animation itself, mainly it has a green color that does not match the color palette of the characters.
  4. Predictable and slow-paced story, it is the typical story where Chavo wants to hit Quico and hits Don Ramón instead, although this would have worked in the original show and maybe in the animated series, here it is done in a bland way.
  5. No real voice acting at all, while this is kind of acceptable since the original show used heavy visual humor, the replacement stock sound effects are extremely childish and some of them are even stolen, like when Quico raises his eyebrows the jumping sound from Super Mario World is heard.
  6. Grupo Chespirito blocked users that criticized the short on Twitter, which shows that they cannot tolerate criticism.
    • They previously themed the official Twitter account of El Chavo after the show itself, however due to the show being a massive failure they quickly reverted it and deleted any mention of it, which is just laughable.
  7. This short killed any possibility of a continuation or any attempt to make a new Chavo show, because this was originally going to be a series of shorts, but due to the intense backslash, it was canceled.
    • It doesn't help the fact that they were going to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first broadcast of El Chavo, and that this short was going to be a tribute to the anniversary itself, which is disrespectful to Chespirito and fans of El Chavo in general.
  8. The character designs look very similar to Ollie’s Pack, which is actually jarring.


  • As mentioned above they were planning to make more of these shorts, however, due to the negative criticism this idea was shelved.



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