His Mouse Friday (Tom and Jerry)

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His Mouse Friday (Tom and Jerry)
Mmmm... barbecued cat!"
Series: Tom and Jerry
Episode Number: 59
Air Date: July 7, 1951
Director: William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Previous episode: Sleepy-Time Tom
Next episode: Slicked-up Pup

His Mouse Friday is the 59th short of the animated series Tom and Jerry. In the episode, Tom finds land then was fooled by Jerry as he plays a cannibal role.


Tom, floating on a wooden raft, ran out of food and water, and has nothing to eat, but his shoes. After he ate half of his left shoe, he spots land, then the waves push him to the land. Then attempts to feast the coconut, but can't open. Tries to feast a tortoise, but the shell broke his teeth. Jerry appears, then plays large drums, causing Tom to be terrified. When Jerry finds a large black cauldron, he covers the soot all over him, making him black, with blackface. He forces Tom to get in the black cauldron to cut and cook vegetables. Jerry tried to cook Tom, but when he saw Jerry's skirt fall off, it reveals his fur. Tom gets out of the black cauldron then mocks Jerry. But was found by real cannibals, saying "Mmmm... barbecued cat!" They started to make sounds and chase Tom to kill him. Later, Jerry got caught by a child cannibal, saying the same quote, but with the word "mouse" instead of cat, then chases Jerry.

Bad Qualities

  1. This short had not just its politically-incorrect racist stereotypes (even worse than in any other Tom and Jerry cartoon), but cannibalism, which means that a mammal eats organs of the same family they are in.
  2. Jerry is racist for playing an offensive role of a cannibal to treat Tom like a slave.
  3. The first scene had Tom eating one of his shoes because he doesn't have any food or water.
  4. Tom then tries to eat a tortoise, which could be bad for his health.
  5. Horrible ending: Tom gets caught and chased by large cannibals, which is disturbing. There was an unnecessary scene when Jerry gets caught by a child cannibal.

Good Qualities

  1. Some funny moments, such as the scene when Tom mocks Jerry's native gibberish, and slapstick scenes seen before the cat and mouse run into a cannibal village such as Tom failing to crack a coconut and breaking his teeth when eating a tortoise whole, and Jerry slamming the frying pan on Tom's face.
  2. Decent animation for its time.
  3. Music score by Scott Bradley is well-composed.
  4. There is a creative scene where the ocean waves launch Tom from his raft like a hand launching a slingshot onto a desert island.


Because the short had racist stereotypes and cannibalism, His Mouse Friday was unofficially banned from broadcast or video distribution by MGM and other rights-holders (such as Turner Broadcasting and Time Warner).


  • On the rare times this short has been shown on television (and released on home video), it has been heavily edited, either by muting out the cannibals' dialogue including Jerry's native gibberish (this edit also applies to Tom and Jerry On Parade VHS and The Art of Tom and Jerry Volume 1 laserdisc) or cropping out the shots featuring the child cannibal in the ending scene (this edit also applies to Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection: Volume 3 NTSC DVD and Tom and Jerry Classic Collection: Volume 5 PAL DVD).
  • The scene featuring the child cannibal was restored and left intact on unreleased remastered print, which was supposed to be released on Tom and Jerry: Golden Collection Volume Two in 2013.




Eric Cartman 2001

4 months ago
Score 1
IMO, this is one of the most underrated episodes of the show. I love all classic Tom And Jerry episodes.

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