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Hurricane Seasoning (Almost Naked Animals)

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Hurricane Seasoning (Almost Naked Animals)
Hurricane seasoning title card (1).jpg
"Looks like we have bad weather of this episode and its title card"
Series: Almost Naked Animals
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 6b
Air Date: February 12, 2011
Writer: Tony Elliott
Previous episode: Veggie Beast
Next episode: Employee of the Month For Life

Hurricane Seasoning is the 2nd segment of the 6th episode of the 3rd season of the Canadian YTV / Cartoon Network TV Series Almost Naked Animals.

Why It Should Be Blown Away

  1. At the beginning of the episode, Howie, Octo, and Bunny are relaxing at the pool. Then some screams appeared because someone took out a little animal in underwear. But lots of them are running out of the Banana Cabana.
  2. While Bunny is reading a card with her glasses, she is just being a liar person thinking it's smart. While in reality, it's not.
  3. When Howie shook an 8 ball with a hole, he saw lots of spiked balls with their ugly face.
  4. The moment when hurricane is going, it blows up everything in the Banana Cabana club. And Howie's 8 ball with hole fell down his head.
  5. At the moment when Howie showed up the 2 latest materials that appeared at the 1933 Disney short "The 3 Little Pigs'" (Wood and bricks). And later, he showed up the moose that is running for the hurricane.
  6. The moment when Piggy forced Howie, Bunny, Narwhal, and Octo to eat pickle bubble gum is so disgusting as heck.
  7. When the main characters covered the Banana Cabana with chewed pickle bubble gum is a stupid moment to cover your terrain place.
  8. Duck is such a very unlikeable character in this episode. As he took off a rope of the boat that the characters are going, he flied the entire boat away.
  9. The terrain when the main characters landed with their broken ship is just Poodle's evil home.
  10. When Poodle talked about Howie, she said that the controller that stops the hurricane is just a stupid quote about Poodle and Howie.
  11. When Howie got dragged with an excavator claw, his friends screamed for him. Just because they think he died. Yet Poodle was the one who did it.
  12. The moment when Howie saw the TV, he saw the toddler version of him thinking he's gonna save everyone for hurricanes. Yes, he closed the curtain of the living room window.
  13. There is also a moment when Howie dug a big hole with a spoon. Which that moment is so stupid like the other main moments.
  14. Batty, when she/he throwed a hose with water to Howie, is such a big torture moment for him.
  15. When Duck got blasted off by Narwhal, he crashed down the Poodle's evil mansion, he didn't destroyed it. He is just a dumb jerk.
  16. Howie, when he made a doll version of him, he made it with a big toolbelt to call him "Howbert". Why is he never calling him Howie JR, due to his size.
  17. When Howie ran with a restaurant cart with tea cups and tea cup, is just dumb and annoying.
  18. While Howie's other friends are trying to save Howie with a long big log, they are running in different sides. Yet they crashed down the walls of Poodle's evil mansion.
  19. Another moment when some gross food dirt crashed to Piggy's face is also disgusting.
  20. When Batty told Howie to get one way to get out of Poodle's evil mansion is just when Batty chewed bubblegum to get up the walls while Poodle is sleeping.
  21. When Howie used a trap to wake up Poodle and take her door closing controller is just a dumb thing about it.
  22. The scene when Poodle and Batty tried to chase Howie just because he stole the remote control of the wall closing system is just terrifying.
  23. While Howie tried to escape the mansion, he just saw a shadow about Poodle's claw machine to take him back to her mansion.
  24. The moment when Octo cried just because he saw Howie dying is just hypocritical because he hugged Howie's broken doll version of him. Yet the real Howie appeared alive.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. When the characters used pickle bubble gum to Poodle's mansion, they just broke it to see what Poodle is doing is just very intelligent.
  2. At the ending of the episode, the characters stayed inside Poodle's evil mansion. Which that ending is just great.
  3. The title card of the episode looks very decent in the first place.

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