Heavy Booking (Tom and Jerry Comedy Show)

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Tom and Jerry should not be smiling at this torture episode.

Heavy Booking is the fourth episode of The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show. It was aired on September 13, 1980.

Why It's Too Heavy (And NOT in a Good Way)

  1. It's another 6-minute long Tom's torture episode and a poor man's version of Quiet Please, but without any fun and cleverness which that episode had.
    • It's the episode to start back the Tom torture scenario after the Gene Deitch-era.
    • On that topic, this episode's concept is a huge waste of potential. A library-themed Tom and Jerry cartoon has great potential comedic gags mostly involving Tom chasing Jerry into a library and struggling not to make any noise which would get the cat kicked out of the library reminiscent to that of Quiet Please complete with the fun and cleverness which that episode had while also being it's own thing, but what we get instead is a very cruel Tom torture episode which lazily rips-off Quiet Please but only increasing it's worst qualities to the extreme.
  2. It has too many ear-grating sound effects in one episode, like the annoying baby's crying, Jerry eating celery and orchestra, firemen and fire alarm mixed sounds in one scene. But what did you except from this terrible Tom and Jerry show?
    • Bad sound editing: In two separate scenes, when Jerry loudly munches on celery and walnuts, it doesn't sound convincing that he's munching on celery and walnuts, but instead sounded more like him munching on either apples or cookies, due to the munching sound effect used in both scenes being too loud for celery and walnuts.
  3. There is a galore of terribly designed characters, with Fat Librarian, Baby, and Martians as the worst offenders.
  4. Hilda the Fat Librarian is an extremely unlikeable character because she not only outright blames and rages at Tom with her nearly bass-boosted voice for even the slightest noise, but also cares more about sleeping at a job for beauty, but completely forgets about the baby she has to take care of. Also, she didn't throw a fit when the baby cried loudly, but when Tom just sighed she raged at Tom for this, making her a complete hypocrite. Overall, she's basically Tom's original owner Mammy Two-Shoes done 100% wrong, and comes off more like a female version of the Gene Deitch-era's infamous Fat Owner.
    • Speaking of hypocrisy, once Tom briefly swallows the drum which Jerry used to disturb the peace, she even calls Tom's plump appearance "lard belly" despite herself being one.
    • Her noise intolerance is supposed to be funny and comical due to it's contradictory nature similar in vein to Joe Bear from Tex Avery's "Rock-a Bye Bear". But unfortunately unlike Joe Bear she doesn't really have anything we should like about her nor find her noise intolerance humorous and instead comes off as incredibly annoying.
  5. The baby isn't any better. Her crying is extremely ear-piercing and her design is uncanny. The creators tried too hard to make her cute, but it failed.
  6. Jerry is also horribly unlikeable in this episode too. This is because he causes a lot of noise, while Tom was doing his job to stop him from waking up a librarian lady. Worse still, Jerry tormented Tom without any provocation whatsoever and also shows no remorse for his actions, and this is made blatantly obvious to even the most naïve viewer.
  7. Very unfunny jokes throughout this episode.
  8. This episode's logic makes absolute zero sense at all, even by Tom and Jerry standards. Examples:
    • When Jerry plucks Tom's nose out with a nutcracker, Tom only feels the pain once he attaches his nose back on his face.
    • Jerry tosses a large book so heavy that it is able to send Tom sinking down the floor once he catches it.
    • The Librarian whining like a baby after having its bottle taken from her.
    • The Librarian's chair doesn't trip over the book, but Tom did.
    • By the end of the episode, the Fat Librarian is somehow able to throw Tom to Mars using her brute strength alone.
  9. The scene where the fire alarm is ringing with a parade and firemen encounter into the library is not only loud and annoying, but also drags out for way too long.
  10. Plot hole: When the fire alarm is ringing with a parade and firemen encounter into the library, for some reason this huge amounts of loud noise didn't even disturb the baby in the slightest, despite that in real life such loud noise will disturb a baby's sleep to the point of crying uncontrollably, especially when it happened Tom applied makeshift earmuffs on the Fat Librarian but not the baby. In fact, the baby is nowhere to be seen for the rest of the cartoon after Tom puts the baby to sleep.
  11. Tons of animation errors. For instance, where Tom's eyes turn from yellow to white.
  12. Lot of animations are reused in this episode, such as the animation of firemen clones and the Fat librarian jumping in rage.
  13. Awful ending: Tom gets kicked by the fat lady to Mars, gets yelled at by Martians and then flips his lips from sanity loss.
  14. Fat Librarian and Jerry never got punished for their terrible actions.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Tom is still an likeable character.
  2. Hilda the fat Librarian never appears in the future episodes.
  3. There was at least a few funny moments here and there such as the Librarian burping after Tom gives her a bottle of milk.
  4. There were some impressive animations in some scenes, such as Jerry waving and then leaving being a callback to the cartoon "Quiet Please". the scene where Tom holds the Liberian awhile leaving a streak of fire.


This episode is called by some to be the worst episode in the series, for the unnecessary Tom torture, poorly-drawn characters designs and its animation.


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