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HeadOn commercial

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Instructions unclear. How do I use this again?
Instructions unclear. How do I use this again?
Instructions unclear. How do I use this again?

The HeadOn commercial originally debuted in 2006 in North America. It shows a woman using the product HeadOn by rubbing it on her forehead. It has gained infamy for annoying viewers and has been parodied over the years and eventually became an internet meme.

Why It Should Not Head On

  1. The announcer annoyingly repeats "HeadOn. Apply directly to the forehead!" three times quickly in succession which takes up to 6-seconds of a 10-second commercial.
  2. The commercial doesn't mention the purpose of the product. This seems shady as the creator of HeadOn can't get sued by customers claiming that it doesn't work for them.
  3. The person using HeadOn looks silly repeatedly rubbing it on her forehead and blankly staring at nothing.
  4. It's common for people watching the ad to get a headache, which may make you want to buy this product. Whether this was genius marketing or accidental is up to debate.
  5. Poor green-screening, as you can see a green outline on the woman. In fact, due to being able to see the green screen, they changed the background to green so it's not as visible.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The fact that it's so strange and repetitive can be funny.
  2. A later commercial for their new "ActivOn" product isn't as repetitive, however, it still does not explain how the product works.
  3. The gag in the otherwise critically-panned Disaster Movie was funny.





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