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Hawaii Five-No (Turbo F.A.S.T)

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Hawaii Five-No (Turbo F.A.S.T)
ʻAʻole hana kēia ʻāpana i kāna hana... MA KAUAHI. (This episode is not doing its job... AT ALL.)
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 11a
Air Date: February 5, 2016
Writer: Madison Bateman
Director: Phil Allora
Previous episode: Belle of the Gumball
Next episode: The Story of J.J.E.F.F.

Hawaii Five-No is the 97th segment and the first half of the 11th episode of Season 3 of Turbo F.A.S.T.


The crew competes for Burn's affection after she wins a vacation.

Why It Sucks

  1. This episode is very mean-spirited to the Fast Crew as they were forced to do all the stuff Burn did on the list.
  2. Burn, just like the entirely of the third season, has been flanderized from being a snarky, yet strong and badass action girl to a greedy and aggressive mean popular girl who lost all of her character development throughout the series and treated the other Fast crew (even Chet) like slaves when it comes to bringing a travel buddy for a free vacation to Hawaii which shows how completely cruel, villainous and very out of character Burn really is up to the point where she seemed to be more of an antagonist rather than a hero.
  3. Continuity Error: Whiplash somehow enter the singing contest despite his terrible singing and DJ skills in the season 1 episode "Smoovin' On Up", in fact, this is something that Smoove would do.
  4. Madison Bateman, one of the writers of DuckTales (2017), did a very terrible job of writing this episode is and weak direction skill from Phil Allora, the same director behind the infamous DC Super Hero Girls episode, Breaking News which is written by another DuckTales (2017) writer, Colleen Evanson.
  5. Some filler that was there just to pad out the running time of the episode, especially montages of the snails doing Burn's stuff for her.
  6. Plot Holes: How can a cow fit in the Fast crew's clubhouse which is meant for snails?
    • How did Burn choose Chet to go to Hawaii even though he does nothing throughout the episode?
    • How the Fast crew doesn't think about telling Chet that Burn is treating them like slaves
  7. The scene where the snail Librarian splits on Smoove when he returned Burn's overdue library book is quite disgusting to look at.
  8. Cringe-worthy dialogue, particularly " Uh, where's my robe? Am I just supposed to walk into the kitchen and make my own pre-lunch snack like a savage?"
  9. During the montages of the Fast crew doing Burn's list, a huge amount of pictures of montages reuses clips from episodes of the first two seasons.
  10. Chet barely has much of a role in this episode and only appears for filler.
  11. While likable, the Fast crew (minus Chet and Burn) kicks everybody out and nearly destroyed the snail park as much to Burn's demand.
  12. It's basically a filler episode with an extremely dull plot that barely have any impact in the series as a whole similar to other filler episodes of the show, and not much happens compared to most episodes which added nothing to the rest of the series overall.
  13. Burn didn't receive any comeuppance for her actions to the point where the episode makes her such a total Karma Houdini creep (unlike some other episodes such as The Mighty Snails where Burn vandalizing the town after she's high on sugar) that could've given Lois Lane from DC Super Hero Girls a run for her money.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The animation and voice acting is still fast-paced and great as usual.
  2. Good Ending: The entire Fast crew gets to go to Hawaii with Burn riding in the Dos Bros jet.
  3. Some funny scenes such as White Shadow's flashback of his real job all year which is playing a computer game instead of writing documents.


  • The title is a reference to the 1968 police procedural drama series and its 2010 reboot, Hawaii Five-O.


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