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Ham and Hattie

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Ham and Hattie
Ham and hattie1.jpg
Genre: Animation
Running Time: 7 minutes
Country: United States
Episodes: 4

Ham and Hattie is a short-lived cartoon series that is released under the series called Jolly Frolics that was produced on UPA Animation Cartoon Series. It was released from 1958-1959.


  • Trees and Jamaica Daddy
  • Sailing and Village Band
  • Spring and Saganaki
  • Picnics Are Fun and Dino's Serenade

Bad Qualities

  1. These cartoons were only made just to appeal to the film critics and the panel comic editor at The New Yorker but fails.
  2. The animation is kind of a downgrade compared to the previous cartoons made by the same company. As it feels like it should be a cartoon made for TV instead of a theatrical cartoon at its time. Especially at "Trees" where the cat moves without any animation.
  3. The character designs on Ham changes his appearance in all of his cartoons. Such as being a Jamaican, a Japanese, an Italian, and even being a dog. They all looked so different that you could mistake them for a completely different character.
  4. The stories from this cartoon are dull and have little to no conflict.
  5. These cartoons might be one of the reasons why UPA lost its distribution deal with Columbia Pictures in 1959.
  6. The animation is reused at times. As seen in "Village And Sailing Band".
  7. The songs are usually filler as they fill the whole shorts.

Good Qualities

  1. One of the character designs in this cartoon is still passable.
  2. Hattie's design is kind of cute.
  3. The Hattie segments are pure heartwarming.
  4. The idea of a separate cartoon plot in one short can be creative.
  5. They made a clever joke referencing a relation to Mr. Magoo from the short called "Picnics Are Fun".
  6. The intro music was decent.


  • The first short, called "Trees and Jamaica Daddy" was featured as an Academy Award Nominee.



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