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Gus the Gummy Gator

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Gus the Gummy Gator
Gus channel.jpg
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Style: Animation
Date Joined: February 23, 2017
Other Media: Ryan's World
No. of videos: 709
Schedule: One video every Saturday
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 1.33 M

Gus the Gummy Gator is a children's web series that first aired in 2017. The show features a young alligator by the name of Gus the Gummy Gator. The channel uses both puppetry and animation. It is a spin-off of Ryan's World.

Why We Want To Eat This Show Up Like A Gummy

  1. To get the elephant out of the room, the show is a complete and obvious rip-off of Barney, which isn't as bad. In fact, it's Barney done worse!
  2. The character animation is abysmal and cheap, with poor lip-syncing, stiff and unnatural movement, and constant resolution drops. While the software used isn't bad, they could have simply used Flash animation.
  3. The most of the characters are unlikable and lack any personality whatsoever, here are some of the worst.
    • Gus, the titular main character, is nothing but an energetic Gary Stu who wins over everything.
    • Combo Panda is the Butt-Monkey of the show because the other characters treat him like garbage. He is also an over-reactive, nagging, and exaggerating OCD neurotic perfectionist who cries and throws a tantrum over the slightest things.
    • Alpha Lexa is a childish, crybaby, whiny, and stereotypically girly "girl" who cries and throws tantrums over the smallest stuff as well.
  4. The sound effects are terrible and sound like they were created on GarageBand.
  5. The show lazily uses clipart stock images as backgrounds, you will find them everywhere.
  6. Most of the voice acting is bad, such as Alpha's for example, because her voice sounds abysmally obnoxious.
    • When the characters sing, it's even worse!
  7. Hypocrisy: Despite being a kids' show, they add gross-out content in it.
    • In one episode, Gus uses an X-Ray and this shows a gross image of his stomach.
    • This episode shows a disturbing close up of Gus' open mouth.
  8. The show tries way too hard to be hip with kids, said attempts make the show hop into trends, like the Hot vs Cold and the Coke and Mentos challenges.
    • But despite this, the show tries way too hard to be educational as well, but mostly fails to do so.
  9. The episodes contain some clickbait, like most “YouTube Kids Cartoons (aka Elsagate)” on YouTube.
  10. The comments on all of the episodes have been disabled, hinting that the creators don't handle criticism kindly. Although, this could be because the videos are automatically marked by YouTube as “Made for Kids”.
  11. The show treats kids as if they don't even have brains, which is a perfect example of "It's made for kids".
    • Like most preschool shows, the main character asks the viewer for the answer to a question, however, You are not the viewer, these two children (who are voiced by a woman apparently) tell Gus the answer instead of the viewer, which insults those who can't talk yet.
  12. The writing and "jokes" are abysmal and dumb.
  13. The episodes only get around 100,000 views or less.
  14. The show overall is nothing but a shallow and cynical cash grab aimed at promoting the Ryan's World brand poorly.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The characters are tolerable sometimes.


  • This is the second Ryan's World spin-off show made.