Grojband (Second Half of Season 1)

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Literally the same show..... without some good moments WHATsoever

While the first half of season 1 of GrojbandBTSW was awesome, the same can’t be said for the second half, which had lots of bad episodes.

Bad Qualities

  1. Awful writing that doesn’t stay true to the first half.
  2. Many of the characters have been butchered/flanderized badly.
    • Corey went from an awesome musician whose plans always work to a total bonehead who tries to make his plans work, but always screws them up.
    • Laney went from being a tomboyish girl who cares a lot about her friends to a know-it-all girl who isn’t scared of anything, even monsters.
    • Kin and Kon went from childish but smart band members to bumbling idiots who act childish a lot.
    • Kate Persky and Allie Day went from being Grojband’s adorable groupies to extremely annoying and obnoxious morons who are either too darn happy over Grojband or are always cheery. The episode “Group Hug” has them at their worst, such as how they kidnapped Corey in that one episode.
    • Trina became even more cruel and unlikable as she was in the first half that she'll end up on the Loathsome Characters Wiki. The episode “It’s in the Card” has her at her absolute worst.
    • Mina Beff became more of a dimwit who is scared of Trina.
    • Mayor Mellow changed from being a lovable and kind mayor who cares a lot about Peacevile to a rude jerk who does a lot of stupid things.
  3. Lots of bad episodes. Some examples:
    • Group Hug
    • War and Peacevile
    • Hologroj
    • Rocker Size
    • The Grin Reaper
    • Who Are You
    • The Bandidate
    • It’s in the Card
    • Bee Bop a Loofa
    • Kon-Fusion
  4. Some episodes are mean-spirited, such as the episode “It’s in the Card”, which has people getting angry with each other and breaking up after they heard Trina’s scream in the cards, which was completely stupid.
  5. The humor became less funny and more unfunny and malicious.
  6. That one horrifying face Mina makes in the episode “Group Hug” that often scared off the viewers.
  7. The episodes “Kon-Fusion and “Who Are You” has Mina without her glasses, and the face she has without them is very creepy and just unpleasant.

Good Qualities

  1. The animation is still good.
  2. Some heartwarming moments.
  3. It does have a share of good episodes. Such as Rock the House, Mime Disease, In-Er Face, Pop Goes the Bubble, The Pirate Lounge for Me (depending on your view), A-cepalla Lips Now, Saxsquatch, Curse of the Metrognome, Dueling Buttons, and its series finale, Hear Us Rock.
  4. The songs are still catchy and nice to listen to.
  5. Speaking of GQ#3, the finale episode “Hear Us Rock” was a great way to end the entire Grojband series.




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Maybe we should delete this season out of this wiki. The second half did improve the show, with the characters becoming more interesting.

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