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Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids (seasons 7 & 8)

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Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids (seasons 7 & 8)
"You are welcome to these terrible seasons of Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids!"
Genre: Horror
Comedy horror
Running Time: 10 minutes
Country: United Kingdom
Release Date: May 2, 2010 - November 2nd, 2012
Network(s): NickToons UK
Created by: Jamie Rix
Distributed by: ITV Studios Global Entertainment
Grizzly TV
Honeycomb Animation
Elephant Productions
Starring: Nigel Planer as The Night Night Porter/Various Characters
Seasons: 7-8
Episodes: 26

Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids (Now called Grizzly Tales from Seasons 7 to 8) is a 2011 British animated television series based on the generic trademarked children's book series of the same name by Jamie Rix. It was cancelled in 2012 after season 8, along with the original series, the 2011-2012 revival continues to air re-runs on Nicktoons in the UK until 2018, unlike Season 1-6, (despite being distributed for Nicktoons) these seasons never aired on ITV.

Why It's Not for Lovers of Squeam Anymore

  1. The main criticism with those last two seasons is that while it was nice the show was getting a revival, no on at Nickelodeon UK understood that much about the appeal of the show. And so, neither of the last two seasons have the same charm as the first three seasons, and seasons four to six to a much lesser extent. In fact, those two seasons have completely sucked out all of the charm for the sake of this revival for more reasons to see below.
  2. The CGI animation in these seasons looks ugly at worst (albeit the intention), but average at best. The one forgiving quality is that the reason why the CGI animation replaced the stop-motion animation actually makes sense because because in 2007, the UK government was met with taxes going up in terms of some children's television shows made in that country. This change has become a common thing at the time. There are a few examples of this:
    • Thomas the Tank Engine became an animated show starting in 2008 with Season 12 while still having the live-action models for all the engines, vehicles, and rolling stock until 2009 when HiT decided it was time to switch into CGI animation completely starting with "Hero of the Rails". Though, Harold the Helicopter would become the first character animated completely in CGI since his model was retired since after production of "The Great Discovery" finished in 2007.
    • Fireman Sam started to use CGI animation in the 2008 revival after the ever so short lived 2003 series. It has stayed in CGI ever since.
    • Bob the Builder started to use CGI in 2010 for the short-lived spin-off series, Ready Steady Build.
    • The original stop-motion Pingu series was abruptly cancelled by HiT Entertainment in 2006 for reasons unknown, and was given a CGI Japanese reboot called Pingu in the City, eleven years after the cancellation of the original series.
  3. The characters are now even more annoying and unlikable in this series than previously.
  4. The 2D animation is horrible in terms of how it looks. The animation in the first six seasons weren't too spectacular or good to begin with, at least it was high quality, it wasn't intended to be that good looking from the beginning, and there is effort put into it. But here, the 2D animation looks like it was animated in style of a low-budget toddler show that comes off as out of place for a cartoon series based off the books that is supposed to be a children's horror series.
    • What should be noted is that the amount of motion tweening in this animation is abominable, the designs look like something out of a YouTube Kids cartoon, and as well as a low-budget animated toddler show, than a revival core of the series, and the overly bright colours are a complete eye sore to look at. Everything from the brand-new 2D animation looks so out of place that there is a chance no one else would like it.
  5. For this revival of the series, the grim factor that was present in this series felt so neutered down that it feels like the show was starting to become more simplistic or something.
  6. The theme song for those two seasons, while decent, isn't as memorable or as good as the theme songs from Seasons 1 3 and Seasons 4 to 6. Not even by Ed Welch's standards.
  7. Since Uncle Grizzly was replaced by the Night Night Porter (his half brother), Spindleshanks doesn't even appear in those 2 seasons at all.
  8. There is something that begs out the question. How are these two seasons even called or part of a revival core of the show (or Seasons 7 and 8 for that matter) if everything wrong with those two seasons make everything out to be a completely different show?

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least they kept Nigel Planer to voice all the characters.
  2. It was nice of the UK Nickelodeon to revive the show after the show was cancelled after the sixth series, albeit the fact it was executed horribly.
  3. There are some good episodes and some tolerable characters here and there.
  4. The Hot-Hell name is actually very clever.
  5. Although the CGI is a bit of a downgrade, it does not look as awful as the 2D animation. It could have been animated a lot worse.
  6. The end credits theme for these seasons, while oddly uncanny, sounds epic and is a real banger with Ed Welch still composing the music for the series.



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