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Greeny Phatom

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Greeny Phatom
Sony Wonder, Cinar and Sesame Workshop probably don't want to be affiliated with this at all.
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 3-7 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: 2008 (YouTube)
Network(s): YouTube
Created by: Robert Stainton
Distributed by: YouTube
Starring: Robert Stainton
Seasons: 25
Episodes: 400

Greeny Phatom is an "animated" web series created by Robert Stainton in 2008.

Why It (Intentionally?) Isn’t Green

Note: Due to the quality of the show, it's possible that this was intended to be a joke.

  1. The "animation" is just still drawings with voices. It feels like Robert wanted to make the show a comic book at first, but he decided to make it a cartoon but forgot to add animation.
  2. Speaking of voice acting, the voice acting is just Speakonia voices, with the occasional appearance of Robert himself or a voice clip from a cartoon.
  3. Anachronisms run heavy throughout the cartoon. For example, song Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People appears in one of the episodes, even though Pumped Up Kicks was released in 2011. Also, in the movie, the Children's Television Workshop logo is seen at the beginning, despite the movie being "released" in 2002, where Children's Television Workshop was known as Sesame Workshop. The Cinar logo is also the 1987 logo variant from the show The World of David the Gnome even though the Sky logo and Space logo were being used at the time.
  4. Poor character designs: Little Guy is basically a pink ant with a basketball for a head.
  5. Little Guy sticks up the middle finger in the episode "Little Guy Makes His Own Logos". This was supposed to be for children, Robert.
    • Speaking of Little Guy, he is incredibly unlikable and jerkish, and only cares about himself.
  6. Most of the episodes are just the characters reading signs, mostly signs of logos, Windows errors, random video clips or basically have an excuse for a plot.
  7. Some of the drawings are so bad, they're incomprehensible. For example, in the intro, after Santed Sailor appears Dr. Beanson's eyes become the word KO. What happened, is Santed Sailor killing Dr. Beanson?
  8. Most of the runtime is dedicated to logos, the Bananas in Pyjamas intro, or references to kids media, which makes the show bizarre and seem like a fever dream.
  9. Boring running gags, especially the logo gags like the Sony Wonder logo being beat up by Little Guy because no one likes the logo anymore.
  10. Too much copyright infringement.
  11. It's also pretty xenophobic to Russians all because Little guy hated them all because he didn't like one of their songs. This can be mentioned in the "Geo Guy vs. The Fruit Salad Man", "Little Guy vs. Edward Gil", "Little Guy Tortures the World", "Greeny Phatom - CSI: Sing Along Songs with Doctor's New Foe" and a few more.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It can be fun to watch ironically.
  2. Sometimes the episodes are so bizarre they're downright unpredictable.
  3. It can be downright hillarious due to the qualities listed above.


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