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Green Eyed Monster (Space Chickens in Space)

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Green Eyed Monster (Space Chickens in Space)
Green Eyed Monster.jpg
Chuck being a jerk, as usual.
Series: Space Chickens in Space
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 7
Air Date: October 21, 2018
Writer: Alan Keane
Previous episode: Players Gotta Play
Next episode: I Believe I Can Fly

Green Eyed Monster is the seventh episode of the Disney animated series Space Chickens in Space, the episode was first aired on October 21st 2018.


Finley leaves Starley and Chuck for his new lab partner Adele, making Chuck jealous since he likes Adele.

Why It Sucks

  1. Finley once again acts abusive to PAL, not letting him come with him to see Adele. Implying he hasn't forgiven PAL for having free will, even though it was Finley's fault.
  2. Chuck falling in love with Adele came out of nowhere, it was literally love at first sight. But the two are opposites, Chuck is a stupid jerk and Adele is smart and kind.
  3. It's implied Starley only wanted Finley to forgive her so he would help her with the project, she also lied about Chuck being sorry even though he wasn't at all.
  4. Chuck never gave a proper apology to Finley, his "sorry" sounded more sheepish than remorseful and he only apologized after Adele and Finley spelled it out that they were just friends. Finley also wasn't that forgiving, he just came back because Adele told him to. Making the situation not resolved.
  5. Chuck's titular green eyes are photoshopped footage of real eyes that look extremely unappealing and disgusting, as if the episode turned back to the typical gross-out tropes that never work out for SCIS.
  6. Wasted Adele and Humboldt's first important roles.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Chuck gets karma for his actions, being blown up by Finley and Adele's project and being made fun of for having a crush by Ainta. It's not overly cruel and he actually deserved it, unlike other moments.
  2. Starley's song to Finley was really sweet and Finley seemed to be flattered by her compliments.
  3. The frames of Humboldt's maniacal laughter showing his multiple rows of teeth is so disturbing yet so good at the same time.


  • This episode revealed that Chuck (and probably most of the other students) are preteens. Also 'Personal Space Time' proves it further by showing Niven and Chuck turning into teens and so forth.


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