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Good Neighbors (SpongeBob SquarePants)

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Good Neighbors (SpongeBob SquarePants)
At least Plankton did something wrong to justify the torture he got in One Coarse Meal! Here, Squidward did nothing wrong, and yet here, he gets tortured and doesn’t get any revenge on SpongeBob and Patrick!
Series: SpongeBob SquarePants
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 4b
Air Date: May 20, 2005
Writer: Mike Bell
Director: Vincent Waller
Previous episode: "Skill Crane"
Next episode: "Selling Out"

Good Neighbors is the second half of the 4th episode from the 4th season of SpongeBob SquarePants. It originally aired on Nickelodeon on May 20, 2005.


SpongeBob and Patrick annoy Squidward with their "Good Neighbor Lodge".

Why SpongeBob And Patrick Are Horrible Neighbors

  1. To start things off, it's an 11-minute Squidward torture episode and this is the episode that, as stated by many, kickstarts the infamous "Squidward Torture" trend, where (for newcomers to this wiki) there are episodes where Squidward is tortured for no reason at all even though he never does anything wrong and makes viewers feel sorry for Squidward as he struggles through the constant torture and misery he's having. All he wants to do is to relax on a peaceful Sunday, yet SpongeBob and Patrick constantly pester and annoy him for the fun of it.
    • The first thing they do is storm Squidward's house and then call him the president of the Secret Royal Order of the Good Neighbor Lodge.
    • SpongeBob and Patrick hijack the massage appointment because they thought he was an "assassin". They also get off scot-free for their actions.
  2. The unnecessary sequence of Squidward's house having robotic arms and legs, launching an attack on the city when the security machine zaps Squidward, causing SpongeBob to accidentally throw the cake at that machine.
  3. Misleading title: Despite the episode being named "Good Neighbors", it is actually more like "Bad Neighbors" because SpongeBob and Patrick both act like bad neighbors to Squidward.
  4. Although Squidward is easy to sympathize with this episode, he doesn't return the offer when SpongeBob and Patrick give him an apology cake saying that they're sorry for bugging him so much. No wonder why it causes that sequence with Squidward's house causing havoc to happen.
    • It should be noted that this is the only unlikable bit from Squidward we get.
  5. Plot Hole: Why doesn't the company that makes the security system get sued for turning Squidward's house into a robot?
    • Another plot hole is the formation of the Secret Royal Order of the Good Neighbor Lodge. This was formed out of nowhere after Spongebob and Patrick got scared of a "newspaper monster".
  6. Horrendous ending: Squidward is forced to do cleaning every Sunday for the rest of his life by Bikini Bottom civilians, as his punishment for his house destroying the whole city of Bikini Bottom, and not to mention the fact that both SpongeBob and Patrick don't even apologize to him at the end of the episode after everything Squidward goes through. (Though they tried to apologize). So basically, not only does SpongeBob and Patrick get no repercussions for their vile actions toward Squidward, but now Squidward gets punished for something he didn't even do.
  7. The infamous scene where Squidward has paint covering his face. We kid you not.
    • Not to mention the paint was red and it came out of SpongeBob's holes, which is an implication of blood, in a kids cartoon.
  8. Although this episode didn't start the series’ downfall, this was the first episode where the decline in quality for the show was noticeable, then the downfall would later start with “The Splinter”.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. This episode does have some funny moments, like when Squidward acts like Elmer Fudd with these being the funniest lines in this episode.
    • "YES, I WAS!!!"
    • "You call yourselves good neighbors? You're the worst neighbors EVER! You don't deserve to wear those FEZES!"
    • "NO, YOU AREN'T! You're horrible neighbors, AND STOP CALLING ME PRESIDENT!"
    • "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!"
  2. SpongeBob and Patrick finally realize how bad neighbors they are to Squidward. And they do try to apologize to Squidward and give him an apology cake.
  3. Despite Squidward going more ballistic than usual, he is sadly the most likable character in the episode.
  4. In the ending, Spongebob and Patrick at least got punished for their actions, but that's not saying much.


  • According to Mr. Enter, this was the episode that he believed was the start of the show's downfall. The episode was ranked number 8 on his worst Squidward Torture Episode list.
  • The episode (along with its sister episode Skill Crane) sits with a 7.6 on IMDb.



  • This was the only episode written by one writer until the airing of “Lost in Bikini Bottom,” which aired a decade after in 2015.


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