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God Won't Abandon Me (Magical Girl Site)

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God Won't Abandon Me (Magical Girl Site)
Mahou-Shoujo-Site-09 03.27 2018.06.01 16.26.07.jpg
God should just abandoned this scumbag and make this end!
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 9
Air Date: June 1, 2018
Writer: Takayo Ikami
Director: Tadahito Matsubayashi
Next episode: Breaking

"God Won't Abandon Me" is the 9th episode of Magical Girl Site based on the manga of the same name.


After taking Nijimi's stick (panties), Aya Asagiri's cruel brother, Kaname sets a new plan in motion; So, he heads toward Aya and the magical girls to take their magic sticks to keep them out of trouble.

Why God Will Abandon It

  1. Just like the manga, Kaname is still the worst character in this episode as he continues torturing Aya and her friends to steal their magic sticks and nothing else, making an unsympathetic antagonist and a mean popular boy.
  2. It is a harsh torture episode for Aya and friends with the exception of Kaname, Aya's brother being the worst offender.
    • Kaname only did this just because Aya disobeyed his duty for not helping him relieve his stress and accusing her friend, Tsuyuno Yatsumura for addressing her at home. Even though, he is a selfish idiot who wants to get away from his father's rigorous education.
  3. Aya was completely horrible for not telling Nijimi or her friends about Kaname's whereabouts and how he was stealing Nijimi's panties.
  4. It has much in common with "Everybody Knows It's Bendy" from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends as it's the Magical Girl version of it, both are profoundly mean-spirited by showing how much Kaname treats Aya like a harmless punching bag in the first episode along with Bendy framing Foster and his imaginary friends.
    • It focuses on Kaname at his worst as a cruel, yet sadistic villain who gets away scot-free like Bendy does.
      • Speaking of Kaname himself, he is a very unlikeable villain whose characteriziation consists of using Aya as a stress outlet, manipulating others like Nijimi Anazawa and Keisuke Naoto, taking magic sticks for no unexplainable reason whatever and tries getting away scot-free.
        • He seems to be an antagonist but is extremely unthreatening and mediocre, even though Kaname acts like a cruel, sociopathic creep who thinks tormenting Aya and the girls would make him proud of himself, when he just kidnapped and tied up Aya to help him relieve his stress from his father's "expectations" in the first episode.
          • But of course, what was the point of his problem when we already learned about his motives of how he was abused from his father and was forced to study hard, makes him think the human race are a waste of time. He even makes nasty grins and evil smiles whenever he is about to do something terrible by manipulating someone for his misdeeds and gets away scot-free after manipulating said someone.
            • He becomes even more unlikeable when he killed Nijimi in self defense, and is never punished.
      • In one scene after being slashed to the throat by Nijimi, Kaname starts crawling, and acts very out of character when he monologues how he is not going to lose against Aya and the girls, but thinks god is always on my side since he was born, and never abandoned him before, not once thus proves himself that he is the chosen one, but a god himself. His monologuing gets old very quickly and will get you on your last nerve.
        • So, Aya tries telling Kaname to open his eyes so nobody will be happy even if he keeps doing this and questions what is the point of doing all of this and making everyone sad. Kaname doesn't care about her for disobeying him and seems like Aya don't have enough from him, once he proceeds to continue having Aya as a stress reliever.
          • Aya tries to tell Kaname to open his eyes, so that nobody will be happy, but he doesn't care at all if he's evil, THAT'S IT.
  5. The rest of the magical girls are incredibly frozed from Kaname's use of Nijimi's panties and aren't able to stop his mind controlling.
  6. This episode marks one of the many moments where the writers of the episode are giving up writing Kaname, as a "full-fledged" antagonist.
  7. IDIOT MOVE: Nijimi, who is always a short tempered girl that lost her father and friend, Mikado in death's bed. So, she tries to strike Kaname when Nijimi realized his cruel nature, instead of pleading him to stop.
  8. It is just wasted potential along with the 5th episode, where Aya fights Sarina in a Magical Girl vs Magical Girl showdown being an interesting idea, while this episode was just Asahi only grabbing over down the ground and punching Kaname, that's it.
  9. It's just basically about Kaname trying to be a god, but he just used Aya as a stress relief and stealing magic sticks, very badly.
  10. Unlike his actions in episodes 1, 7,and 8, Kaname isn't punished for his unjustified crimes. Instead, he gets taken by an invisible man and vanished, making this scene anticlimatic.
  11. It removes scenes of Aya's father, frustrated of where Kaname is (since he abused him and led to do terrible things), Aya's parents first meeting with Detective Kichiro Misumi to investigate Kaname's disappearance and how Kaname frozed the bodies of Sayuki's father and his bodyguards.
  12. Kaname's hysterically, yet exagerrated scream is obnoxious and loud as it will get you on your last nerve.
  13. It's 22 minutes long, which resulted in minor plot holes, most notably on why Kaname wasn't taken to custody in the next episode, he's just kidnapped by an invisible man (which is revealed to be Kichiro Misumi) preventing him from using Kosame's box-cutter to heal his wounds.
  14. The episode is basically a cliche where a sibling tries to manipulate one of their sibling's friends. But the sibling treats their sibling, poorly, but thinks the "fun" has just starting but tries to commit a crime that someone never learns.
  15. The pacing is atrocious where the Magical Girls (besides Aya, Asahi, Mikari, Sayuki, and Kosame) don't even fight back at Kaname because of the telekinetic abilities of Nijimi's panties, making them the most weakest magical girl team ever.
  16. Even though the animation looks good, it gets very nasty to look at over Kaname kicking Aya, and sipping her hand to heal his wounds, along with stomping her with his left feet, and killing Nijimi. Along with Kaname, very hysterically, by crawling and monologuing in his thoughts about God.
  17. Nijimi's death (while sad) at the hands of Kaname was forced only to show how Kaname is the most insufferable person that he is for torturing Aya in the first episode.
  18. Just like the first episode, it still fails to do the horror series correctly.
  19. Major Plothole: In the next episode after it, Aya doesn't even bother telling her parents about Kaname's whereabouts after her father ignores Aya and thinks she's irrelevant. Since, during a conversation with Aya's parents, Detective Kichiro Misumi just...covers up Kaname's crimes instead of taking him to custody when Nana needed Kaname for her own plans besides the King's orders (but how on earth is she know him and gonna use Kaname for). Thus, makes these plotholes very pointless and forgotten.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Aya and her friends are still likeable.
  2. The animation is good and well handled.
  3. The voice acting is good.
  4. Despite this, Nijimi's anger over the deaths of her father and Mikado was sad to see that happen which led her temper to be killed by Kaname in self-defense.
  5. Despite Nijimi's death being forced, it's really sad just to see her smile the last time.
  6. Thankfully in the end of the episode, Kaname's comeuppance later ended that hysterical madness when he disappeared and taken by Detective Kichiro Misumi so that he will no longer harm Aya and her friends ever again, since it was just pointless.


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