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Well Gantz, you were way better than this crap.
Genre: Action
Country: Japan
Release Date: October 2, 2003-March 18, 2004
Network(s): Kansai TV
Created by: Shotaro Ishinomori
Distributed by: ADV Films
Episodes: 26

"So that's how it end huh?, that's all we get?....THIS IS THE WORST ANIME I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!, I can’t imagine anything being worse than this, a movie, a show, a anime, a book, a 5 year olds crayon drawing of chicken noodle soup, Nothing!. this makes S-Cry-Ed look dignified. The artstyle is terrible with a all consuming gray scale that drains the life out of you and never gives anything back. The animation is the worst with a obviously slashed budget that makes everything even more boring and gives 0 exciting action beats or anything of value, the characters are all pathetic or dickish to care about and the soundtrack is so terribly lazy, that it could have been smashed out by a 6 year old on a friggin toy piano, and don’t get me started on the story. The nothing, uneventful, exposition fest that this show is trying to desperately pass on as a “narrative” is insulting to not only the Epic of Gilgamesh but to everyone who’s ever read it. It hurts me in the soul that millions of dollars that could have been spent to feeding the hungry and caring for the sick went to make this animated abomination for shame, FOR SHAME!. JT Kamp: And then there’s that the entire show is just reproachfully disturbing. Confused Genders, Incest, everyone’s lifeless voice and dead eyes, the total lack of color. There’s setting a tone and there’s being corrosive to the senses and this is most definitely the later it’s also shocking to me that there’s isn’t any silver lining with this show, there isn’t any single merit to it…nothing! It is 100% terrible and 0% enjoyable, I didn’t even think it was possible but to my utter horror I have been proven wrong. Thanks Japan!"
Will Ryan, Creator of Animerica

Gilgamesh is a Japanese manga created by Shotaro Ishinomori that is based on the story known as the Epic of Gilgamesh and has been adapted in 2004 into a 26 episode anime, but despite getting a 6.64/10 on MyAnimeList this anime is considered to be one of the worst animes of all time.

Bad Qualities

  1. The plot for the anime is terrible and confusing as there's many pointless exposition explaining the plot, but with no heart or soul similar to The Last Airbender.
    • Also not to mention, this anime is heavily unfaithful to the original manga it was based on.
  2. The characters are so unlikable that it makes us unable to feel or care for them.
    • Tatsuya Madoka is a bland protagonist who's only there, does absolutely nothing, and gets zero character development at all.
    • The Countess of Werdenberg is possibly the worst character in this show, as she is nothing but a unlikable jerk towards Kiyoko.
    • The titular group (Gilgamesh) are generic "Take over the world" villains and they're not intimidating in the slightest.
    • Hayato Kazmatsuri just a one-dimensional douche who serves nothing to the plot but to be a foil for Orga.
  3. The animation is terrible and stilted, to the point where even Gantz had better animation than this.
    • And it looked like it was done on a tight budget and it shows.
      • Also not to mention, the character designs have a very ugly look at it tries to be more "realistic" and "gritty" which end up failing due to the weird eyes and lips there given falling straight to the uncanny valley.
  4. Bland and emotionless voice acting from the English Dub.
  5. Misleading Title: The name gives off the possible idea that this show is based off of Gilgamesh, but in actuality it is a generic action post-apocalyptic anime with Gilgamesh being the name of the main villain group (through there are references to The Epic of Gilgamesh in the story).
  6. It tries SO HARD to imitate Neon Genesis Evangelion which just makes it a knock off of the said series.
  7. Lifeless backgrounds with drab colors. While it does fit the tone of the show, it still fails at it.
  8. Numerous plot-holes for example:
    • In one episode, a scientist that the Countess of Werdenberg was involved with was trying conduct a experiment to destroy the mirror sky, but they would need computers to do it.
    • Another plot hole is that in the first episode during Twin X, since the mirror sky had been around Earth was said that computers had been unusable, there was somehow technology such as android guards made out of human flesh in this show. This begs the question: how the hell did they manage to make technology if computers were unworkable if Twin X occured?
  9. Many incest scenes between Tatsuya and Kiyoko that are very unnecessary and weird to watch.
  10. Many scenes drag out way too long and it becomes very boring and repetitive.
  11. All of the fight scenes are horrible due to the terrible animation or they have been cut out leaving out many plot holes.
  12. The infamous final episode.
  13. The soundtrack is a mixed bag as it can sound very good at times and it can sound absolutely mediocre, especially the theme song, as while it's good to listen to, it doesn't fit the tone of the anime at all.
  14. Some scenes are built up as emotional, but it just falls flat everytime.
  15. Sometimes the characters forget to use Dynamis, making it come off as the writing of this show was lazy.
  16. This whole show is nothing but illogical, stupid and an absolute disgrace to not only Shotaro Ishinomori, but to the Epic of Gilgamesh as a whole.

Good Qualities

  1. There are many unintentionally hilarious scenes due to how poorly made the anime is.
  2. As mentioned before the soundtrack can be good at times.
  3. Kiyoko Madoka is the only likable character in this show, and her chemistry between her and the Gilgamesh member Novem was decent enough.
  4. The Japanese voice acting is much better then the English Dub.
  5. It had great potential with a decent concept, but it was badly handled.

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