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Gigablaster - alta 3.jpg.jpg
Nobody can sing like the Headless Japanese after this...
Genre: Surreal Comedy
Running Time: 11 Minutes
Country: Brazil
Release Date: June 17, 2019 - Present
Network(s): Gloob
Created by: Thiago Martins
Marco Pavão
Cazé Pecini
Distributed by: Estricnina
Copa Studio
Starring: Ítalo Luiz
Alfredo Rollo
Mariana Zink
Luisa Caspary
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 26

GigaBlaster is a Brazilian flash animated television series created by Thiago Martins & Marco Pavão, produced by Estricnina (the same company of Fudencio e Seus Amigos) and Copa Studio. The show premiered on Gloob in June 17, 2019.


Giga is a blue rhino who is charged with an odd mission: to sing like the Headless Japanese, the long-missing legend of Cool Daddy's, the coolest karaoke bar in the city of Corner Pocket! But Giga's mission won't be a walk in the park. Along with his sassy older sister Ruby and his noisy younger brother, the tech geek Ziggy, Giga must face the insane training challenges devised by Cool Daddy while getting in crazy, fun adventures with the strange characters that come through the club.

Why It's Not Super Mega Hyper GigaBlaster

  1. The episodes are entirely devoid of any enthusiasm or effort, with sometimes the series main concept being killed just for adding more nonsense comedy.
  2. Almost all the characters are annoying ,inconsistent and stereotypical.
    • Giga is the happy-go-lucky guy who likes to makes stupidity.
    • Ziggy is the loudmouth young brother.
    • Ruby is the gothic girl.
    • Cool Daddy is the cranky grandpa.
  3. The animation tries to be inspired by The Amazing World of Gumball, but fails, ending up being a more cheaper version of the The Day My Butt Went Psycho! animation, with having stiff moviments, recycled backgrounds, and a generic "thin-line art style" that lacks any depth or detail rather than use of stock images.
  4. The humor is somewhat cringeworthy, like in one of the episodes where Cool Daddy literally tries to marry an microwave, which is mechanophilia.
    • Speaking of Cool Daddy, in the episode Papai Era Maneiro, there's a running gag about him having a bipolar discover after falling from the stairs, which is more painful than funny.
  5. Annoying voice acting with many of the voices sounding unfitting for their characters.
  6. The show will lead you to ask so many questions such as:
    • What is the relation of a anthropomorphic rhinoceros and two human kids with a elderly zombie?
    • How Cool Daddy turned into a zombie?
    • How did a group of babies get tattoos and establish a crime organization like Bebê Bolado (Crazy Baby) did?
    • What's the point of the Corner Pocket's mayor being an piece of Shimeji if all the inhabitants are living species?
    • Why there's a pirate living in the sewers of Corner Pocket?
    • Is the Headless Japanese dead?
    • Why Giga, Ruby and Ziggy never go to school?
    • Why Ziggy makes noises instead of talk?
    • And where's Cool Daddy's wife?
  7. Corner Pocket is a very stupid name for a city and it sounds like something that a 5-years old can give it.
  8. The episode "Adolescente Zumbi da Quarta Idade" delivers a bad message that teenage years is about being cool, doing skateboard and having pimples, which is not true.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The concept of a family living in a karaoke unraveling the mystery behind a singer is a very interesting concept, despise being poorly executed.
  2. While the animation and art style doesn't look good, the character designs are very creative. Afterwall, the designs used on the pilot, is much better than the series's actual art style and literally pays homage to Thiago Martins & Marco Pavão's typical art style.
  3. There's some well-written episodes like:
    • Game of Sofá
    • Coisa de Criança
    • Ídolo Pré-Fabricado
    • Perda de Identidade (that delivers a good moral that is important to know who you are).
  4. Decent soundtrack.
  5. Meteor and Meteorite, Withered Mouth (Boca Murcha), Nina Bambina, God Shimeji, and Edgar Allan Pigeon are the only likable characters.


  1. The show was originally supposed to premiered in 2016, but it was delayed to 2019.
  2. In the episode Coisa De Criança, Ruby saying Ah, que infortúnio!" which is a reference to Funérea another character made by the same creators.
  3. The character Ruby and Ziggy are named after the children of the executive producer Cazé Pecini.