George of the Jungle (2007)

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George of the Jungle
George of the Jungle (2007 TV series).png
The first season was already bad enough, but the second season is a whole different story.
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 12 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: June 29, 2007 – January 11, 2008
Network(s): Cartoon Network (U.S., Season 1)
Teletoon (Canada)
Created by: Jay Ward
Distributed by: DreamWorks Classics
Starring: Lee Tockar
Paul Dobson
Britt Irvin
Tabitha St. Germain
Brian Drummond
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 52 (104 segments)

George of the Jungle is a Canadian/American flash animated television series that aired on Teletoon and is the remake/reboot of the 1960s animated series of the same name created by Jay Ward.

In 2015, almost a decade after the first season ended, some Canadian producers teamed up with Singaporean animators to animate the second season of the show known as...George of the Jungle. A year later, it officially premiered on Teletoon, and ended almost a year later after that.


The ultra-clumsy but lovable George is swinging around the jungle to save the day along with his best friend ape, an explorer girl named Ursula, and a jungle girl named Magnolia by his side.

Bad Qualities

In General

  1. It takes away the charm of the original, as it has little-to-no action scenes.
  2. Terrible (and sometimes even weird) character designs, especially on George (who isn't even buff in the first season) and Dr. Towel Scott as well as the plants and animals such as the zebras, gorillas, elephants, giraffes, monkeys, birds, crocodiles, snakes, and rhinos.
    • Even some of the animal designs don’t really match their actual species such as the Ibexes which look more like Kudu in this show, the Meerkats bare more of a resemblance to Weasels rather than actual Meerkats, and then there’s a new character named Big Mitch who is supposed to be a Marmoset but looks more like a Golden Lion Tamarin instead.
  3. Awful flash animation that may affect photo-sensitive viewers' vision.
  4. Very awful grasp of the source material.
  5. Overuse of gross-out humor and slapstick.
  6. Nonsensical episode plots, ESPECIALLY in the second season.
  7. The show has some inaccurate facts about animals such as Tapirs having mouths on their snouts when their mouths are supposed to be under their snouts rather than on their snouts and Warthogs eating eggs and bark which is not what they eat in real life, not only that, but a Warthog suggests about eating it's friends when Warthogs are supposed to be herbivores instead of carnivores.

Season 1

  1. The characters have been badly butchered. George is now an annoying, whiny, sulky, moronic, and wimpy coward rather than a bumbling, lovable, strong hero; Ursula is now a stereotypical tomboyish city girl; and Ape is now just a punching bag, even if he still has his old persona, etc.
  2. While the voice acting is passable, Lee Tockar does a poor job voicing George.
  3. Very nonsensical plots such as Ape and George having bugs stuck up their noses which makes them snore loudly.
    • The episode "Conehead", in particular, George gets a rash and must take pink medicine to cure it, but he refuses to and sings a song to his friends about why he thinks it’s good to scratch instead of taking medicine which is a bad lesson to kids.
  4. Dr. Towel Scott, while likable, talks in a nearly offensive Italian accent.
    • A zebra also talks in an African American accent in one episode.

Season 2

  1. This season basically worsened most of the problems stated in Season 1 but takes this up to extremes, due to the various problems as listed below.
  2. This season has some of the highest amounts of character flanderization ever in a franchise or television series, even worse than that of other long-time running franchises or television series. In fact, almost all of the characters are completely different from how they were in the first season. Just to name a few examples of this atrocious character butchering:
    • George changed from being a bumbling, but strong and loveable hero in the original 1967 series, to then just dumb and childish, to a literal manchild who speaks in third person with poor vocabulary.
    • Ursula (who has been renamed to Magnolia in this season) changed from being George's love interest in the original 1967 series, to then a tomboyish city girl who was a nice and friendly sidekick to George who wanted to introduce modern culture to the jungle, to a cynical, obsessive “Rick Sanchez”-like scientist with a college degree in biology as well as being the huge punching bag of the show.
    • Magnolia (who has been renamed to Ursula in this season) changed from being a dimwitted but soft-hearted, fashion-loving jungle girl who spoke with a southern accent to a disgusting, savage predator who not only speaks almost like a primitive caveman, but also barely shows charm and only harms everyone and the environment around her for fun.
    • Dr. Towel Scott (who has been renamed to Dr. Chicago in this season) changed from being a helpful, harmless doctor to a mad dentist-turned-scientist who wants to destroy the jungle for no apparent reason given throughout this season.
      • Speaking of Ursula and Magnolia, their names were switched for no valid reason at all, as well as Dr. Scott being renamed "Dr. Chicago".
    • The Witch Doctor has become a stereotypical traditional healer, which some Africans may find offensive.
  3. Shows even less respect for the source material than the first season did.
  4. Cuspid and the Ape Council only exist in this show for filler.
  5. Nonsensical episode plots that go too far into disturbing territory.
  6. The flash animation, while a bit of an improvement, is still an eyesore and can affect some viewers' vision due to the bright colors.
  7. Horrible character designs for some characters (mainly George’s, but was likely done to reflect his original 1967 appearance), even Ursula (previously known as Magnolia in the first season) has an uncanny design, unlike her original one. Also, the visuals look like an odd combination of Johnny Test and The Fairly OddParents.
  8. This season tries too hard to pander to kids with its toilet humor, jokes about homosexuality, and anime references.
  9. Cringeworthy voice acting, which replaced the entire cast of the first season.
    • George is arguably the worst of them all due to him speaking in third person with poor vocabulary as mentioned above, to the point his Season 1 voice is vastly superior.
  10. The crew from the first season weren’t involved in this production, making this season more like a second reboot or a less amusing version of Spliced than a continuation of the story.
  11. Animation errors in many of the episodes.

Good Qualities

Season 1

  1. While the theme song is ruined, the instrumental can be catchy.
  2. Magnolia and Ursula have passable designs.
  3. The humor is occasionally funny.
  4. Magnolia, The Witch Doctor, and Dr. Towel Scott are actually pretty interesting additions to the main cast, thus being the only likable characters along with Ape.
    • Shep and Tookie-Tookie are also likable as well.
  5. Passable voice acting, except for Lee Tockar as George.
  6. Fewer episodes that were decent, such as "George Lays an Egg", "Trouble With Bananaquats", and "License to Swing".
    • The season finale, "Escape From Madmun Island", was decent and was a perfect way to wrap up the first season of the show.
  7. The first time Jay Ward Productions had involvement with a television series since they haven't been functioning ever since 1967 (couple exceptions).

Season 2

  1. Ape isn't flanderized like the others and is less of a punching bag than in the first season.
  2. Decent theme song.
  3. The animation is a bit better in this season.
  4. George once again has a muscular build like in the original 1967 series. In the first season, he was noticeably thin and scrawny, yet never lost any of his strength.
  5. Some original 1967 characters returning, such as Weevil Plumtree and Tiger Titherage and it even had a cameo of the original George in the episode "Much Ado About Stuffing".
  6. Occasional funny moments.
  7. Some of the animal designs are an improvement over the first season, such as the Tigers, Sloths, Cheetahs, and Spiders.
    • Magnolia's (previously known as Ursula in the first season) design is still passable as well.
    • Tiger and Weevil's designs are also decent.
  8. "Heart Of Gold" was an alright series finale.

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  • This is the first time Tiffany Ward (Jay Ward's daughter) worked on her father's shows.
  • DreamWorks Productions distributed the second season.


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