Gatada Rosa (As Aventuras de Gui & Estopa)

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Gatada Rosa (As Aventuras de Gui & Estopa)
Gatada Rosa.jpg
Mauricio de Sousa would be ashamed to watch this.
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 5
Air Date: 2016
Writer: Mariana Caltabiano
Director: Mariana Caltabiano
Previous episode: Namora Comigo
Next episode: Coisa de Cinema

Gatada Rosa (lit. Pink Gatada) is the fifth episode of the fourth season of As Aventuras de Gui & Estopa, originally premiered in 2016. The episode focuses on Cróquete deciding to hurt her friends with her pink plush cat after being inspired by Mônica of Turma da Mônica comics.

Why It Sucks

  1. Cróquete is really unlikeable in this episode, as she just wants to use violence against her friends for no reason using her stuffed cat and is not scolded for it.
  2. Cróquete claims to have been inspired by Mônica from Turma da Mônica (since she is reading a comic of the character) to attack everyone who tries to provoke her. What can be considered an insult not only to the character but also to the work of Mauricio de Sousa, as this is interpreting the character as if she is influenced by violence and arrogance, when Mônica in reality is a pacifist who only beats mean-spirited people.
    1. The same can be said about Ben 10, because at the end of the episode Cróquete uses Omnitrix to attack innocent people.
  3. By the way, the comic that Cróquete is reading is A REAL MÔNICA COMIC BOOK, instead of a parody, which can be considered as an improper use of copyrighted material.
  4. Cróquete attacks people for very stupid reasons (something that Mônica would never do), like for example:
    1. She attacks Pitibalinha just because he didn't want to take the sound out of his minigame (and showing cowardice in HURTING A LITTLE KID, something that Mônica would never do)
    2. She attacks Piti just because he tried to flirt with her (which is also something that Mônica would never do, because she cares about dating)
    3. She attacks an ice cream man just for offering her pistachio ice cream
    4. She attacks a comedian just for finding his jokes unfunny
    5. She attacks a boy just for not liking Justin Bibelo
    6. She attacks a girl just for considering herself a bigger fan of Justin Bibelo than she is
  5. Estopa sucking the freezie looks disgusting to look at.
  6. The episode show a bad moral, because it teaches that violence is a good thing.
  7. The way in which the problem of Cróquete attacking the others using her stuffed cat is solved is ridiculous: Estopa swallows the cat by accident when Cróquete throws it it wanting to hit him.
  8. Awful ending: Cróquete insists on wanting her stuffed cat back trying to make Estopa vomit it, but instead Estopa vomits the Omnitrix?!?!? Cróquete takes the Omnitrix for her and then uses it to continue attacking the others, starting for becoming Four Arms to attack Piti.
  9. Plothole: Why the Omnitrix was inside of Estopa's belly to begin?
  10. Cróquete is not punished at any time for the actions she did.


  1. It is unknown whether the appearance of the Mônica comic in the episode was official or not, since although Turma da Mônica and Gui & Estopa are both Brazilian cartoons that have been sharing space on Cartoon Network since the 2000s there was never a crossover between the two series at any moment (Turma da Mônica even had some small crossovers with other Brazilian shows from Cartoon Network like Jorel's Brother), besides the relationship between Mariana Caltabiano and Mauricio de Sousa being unknown.