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Gantz anime poster.jpg
The Code Lyoko: Evolution of the Anime Industry but before that said series.
Genre: Action
Psychological horror
Psychological thriller
Science fiction
Country: Japan
Release Date: April 12 – November 18, 2004
Network(s): Fuji TV
Anime Network
Created by: Hiroya Oku
Episodes: 26

Gantz is an anime based on the manga of the same name and aired in 2004. Though given a 7 on both IMDb and MAL. it is considered one of the worst TV anime adaptations by fans and other anime fans. It was licensed by ADV Films in 2005.

Why It's Gantzing Terrible

  1. It's an incomplete adaptation and only covered 20% of the story it was made several years before the manga ended which is very too early because this Anime started in 2004 and the Manga started in 2000.
  2. The Pacing! One of the biggest criticisms of the anime is its pacing as there are too many unnecessary talking scenes and many scenes where one of the characters aren't doing anything which makes the pace very slow, in comparison the manga had FAR BETTER pacing than this!
  3. Focuses way too much on violence, sex, and nudity and is usually there for shock value.
  4. Unnecessary scenes such as the dog licking Kei Kishimoto's vagina and almost getting raped by a Yakuza member.
  5. The animation can be bad sometimes such as in episode 2 when they're walking down the stairs.
  6. Unlikable characters especially Kei Kurono who is a sex-obsessed whiny douche who is afraid to kill at first and his character development is slow.
    • Kei Kishimoto is weak and is almost incapable of fighting. Also, she is mostly used for sexual fanservice and shock value. Note: She's the first female protagonist.
    • Most human villains are stereotypical thugs and rapists that are one-dimensional and are added for some strange reason even though the series is supposed to be about killing aliens.
  7. Awkward camera as it will focus on the character sometimes when they are talking.
  8. Poorly executed story with great potential as it seems to sometimes lose its identity of what it wants to be. It first focuses more on human opponents when the series is supposed to be a story of them trapped in a survival game fighting aliens.
  9. Badly done English voice acting that tries too hard to be like an edgy Manga UK dub (this has been dubbed by ADV Films which most of their dubs don't have that level of swearing).
  10. The ending is rushed and ends with a cliffhanger that doesn't happen in the manga.
  11. The fight with the young Green Onion Alien is poorly done as the alien was weak and seemed more innocent than being an actual opponent.
  12. It's mean-spirited most of the time though not as bad as Genocyber.
  13. It keeps recapping and referring to the 1st episode in many episodes too often which not only gets boring but is very irritating.
  14. Poorly composed and unfitting background music like when they're fighting an alien it sounds like it should more be in a superhero show or movie rather than a series about fighting aliens in a survival game.
  15. Each of ADV's DVD volumes contained only 2 episodes. Though it could be because of the poor quality of the anime and wanted only 2 episodes per DVD to see if they'll like it to buy the rest.
  16. The Tanaka aliens (called Suzuki aliens in the anime) have an annoying sonic scream attack possibly enough to make the viewer's ear bleed unless they lower down the volume of their TV or other devices.
  17. Overuse of fanservice. Even more than Highschool Of The Dead and Kill La Kill which gets very annoying fast.
  18. The last 4 episodes are filler and the arc has human opponents being the primary targets instead of aliens which defeats the purpose of the concept it's using. This did not happen in the manga.
  19. Many of the humor is unfunny and feels forced and out of the place of its concept.
  20. It tends to overuse references of Fist Of The North Star and its famous quote which is "You're Already Dead!".
  21. Just like the manga. It's extremely immature and juvenile even a lot more than most Ecchi, Harem, and Comedy anime.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It did have a potentially fun and interesting concept.
  2. The ending theme was decent.
  3. Masaru is one of the most tolerable characters.
  4. The CGI used in some scenes is cool.
  5. The animation can be good at times.
  6. The fight scenes do get better later on in the series as they start to fight more aliens.
  7. The opening theme can be fun to listen to if you love rap and action in music.
  8. The radio exercise tune song used in the series is beautiful.
  9. Some of the humor can be funny at times.
  10. The CGI 2016 movie based on the Nurarihyon Alien Mission Gantz:O (despite being mediocre) was a massive improvement and better to watch than the anime.
  11. The Japanese voice acting, while still flawed, is more tolerable than the English dub.
    1. Of course, even the English dub had its good qualities, such as Chris Patton as Joichiro Nishi.
  12. Like the manga. It's however right that many humans have many flaws and finding them is easier than finding the kind and less flawed humans in real life.
  13. Some anime fans (mostly fans of the Gantz Manga) can enjoy it