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Gaither's Pond

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Gaither's Pond
Gaither% 27s Pond Fishtales.jpg
"What the living hell was that?!?" ~ Saberspark
Genre: Animation
Childrens television
Slice of life
Running Time: 30 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: 1997 – 2003
Network(s): Smile
Created by: Benjy Gaither, Bill Gaither, Vestal Goodman, Mark Lowry, and Janet Paschal.
Starring: Bill Gaither, Gloria Gaither, Vestal Goodman, Mark Lowry, Janet Paschal, George Younce, and Jessy Dixon.
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 4

Gaither's Pond is a Christian computer-animated children's series created by Benjy, Bill, and Gloria Gaither and produced by Live Bait Productions.


It is set at Bill and Gloria Gaither's Pond. All of the characters include animals and insects that live around ponds named after their voice actors. The fish and their friends learn life lessons throughout the series.

Why This Pond Gathers Nothing

  1. The CGI animation is absolutely horrible and has aged terribly, even for 1997 standards.
    • The special effects (e.g the flashy editing and visual effects) are nonsensical and they give off a fever-dream vibe.
  2. The characters are frightening and poorly designed which is accompanied by stiff, exaggerated movements and horrific designs meant to resemble their respective voice actors.
  3. The camera never calms down at times.
  4. The music numbers are incredibly repetitive and meanders along for too long.
    • Most of them usually don't really pertain to the plots of the episode as well.
  5. Confusing plotlines, like the pond folk wanting to keep out... beavers?
  6. A lot of unnecessary political jokes and/or predictable jokes (e.g one youth pastor joke in "Fish Tales"), as well as countless fish/pond puns.
    • The infamous "Politics can be cruel, can they?" line that was horribly edited to repeat itself once.
  7. Lame and forgettable characters.
  8. There is a useless "crazy" basketball frog character (who is the show's version of Dennis Rodman) that has nipple clamps in "Fish Tales". Which can discomfort some viewers, notably females. Also, frogs don't have nipples. And if it supposed to be a kid's show, why would a frog have nipple clamps?

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The music and voice acting are both decent.
    • Some music numbers can pertain to the plot such as that one song sung by Bullfrog from "Fish Tales" and most of the musical numbers in the "The Legend at Gaither's Pond" episode.
    • The show's intro music is very catchy.
  2. Some (if minor) funny moments.
  3. In later episodes, the flower character has actual petals compared to her weird, old omelet-like design.
  4. The animation in "The Legend at Gaither's Pond" is passable.
  5. The salamanders from the "The Legend at Gaither's Pond" episode are the best-looking designs out of the show.
  6. Thankfully, there are only 4 episodes, despite the fact that the show was improving slightly.





  • This was made by the Gaither Vocal Band, a gospel band that got inducted into the Gospel Hall of Fame. They are also the same people behind Dorbees: Making Decisions.


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