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G4 (2009-2014, 2022-present)

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G4 (2009-2014, 2022-present)
This channel got disconnected... literally.
Genre: Gaming
Running Time: 24 hours a day
Country: United States
Distributed by: NBCUniversal

G4 (also known as G4TV) is an American pay television network and a subsidary of G4 Media. It is a channel mostly dedicated to nerd culture such as gaming and tech.

In the late 2000s, the channel had begun a massive decline due to its transition to a more general audience and had less to do with gaming or tech, which resulted in a shutdown of the entire network on December 31st, 2014.

The channel was relaunched, however, in November 16th, 2021, thus returning to its roots of the original run's early days, but started to go downhill again two months later which will be explained in this page.

Why It Grabs4kothing Ns Now

Original Run

  1. As stated above, G4 began its first decline due to its transition to a more general entertainment network for other audiences, and moved away from its focus on gaming and nerd culture, with the worst offender being 24/7 marathons of reruns of shows such as Cops or Cheaters, both of which had nothing to with video games, and caused the network to close its doors in late 2014.
  2. Even during the early days of the channel's former glory, it had its share of bad shows, such as Spaceballs: The Animated Series which was based on the film of the same name.
  3. Adam Sessler, who left the channel during its original run in 2012, started to go political in the next year by criticizing God of War: Ascension for the fact that you get a Trophy for killing a Harpy, which is a female demon, and deemed that moment "misogynistic", even though that game was a complete opposite of that. Later on, he made political tweets by stating that Republicans are "stupid, racist, and can go drink piss" and still talks about this stuff to this day.


  1. On January 11st, 2022, Indiana "Froskurrin" Black (also more commonly known as "Frosk"), who is one of the new and current co-hosts of X-Play, went on a total rant about how women are "mistreated as objects" and lectured the channel's female ex-hosts as eye candy.
  2. In addition to the rant above, G4 exposed its own hypocrisy by welcoming Amouranth in one of the episodes of Name Your Price and she even wore a skimpy bikini at one point in it.
  3. The channel has also gone down the political path due to the rant Frosk just made, and its hosts being unnecessarily involved in politics from behind-the-scenes such as Frosk stating that anyone who supports Donald Trump cannot be her fan, and Adam Sessler making rant-like tweets about Republicans as mentioned above.
  4. It seems that the channel (and possibly the G4 company as a whole) can no longer take any form of criticism. For instance, they shutdown their own subreddit due to the fact that most of the comments there were calling out Frosk and the rest of G4 for their actions, and rightfully so, too.
  5. While understandable due to their current careers and spending time with family, most of the co-hosts of the network's original run (minus Adam Sessler and Kevin Perriera) such as Olivia Munn and Morgan Webb did not return to regain their hosting status there.
    • However, some of them did come back for G4's Thanksgiving reunion in commemeration of the channel's relaunch in November 2020.
  6. Very oddly, Adam Sessler, despite having returned as one of the hosts of X-Play like he was back in the original run, hasn't been making any physical presence at his own studio with the rest of the co-hosts.
    • This is likely due to the fact that he lives in a different state than where G4 is, and has other priorities regarding his family.
  7. Some of the relaunch's newer shows can be considered lackluster, though there are a few exceptions such as Name Your Price, a show where Twitch streamers get to wager the amount of money they'd spend on a featured item.
  8. The amount of commercials during breaks between shows is somewhat lacking and when the channel returned, there were only Dr. Pepper and Pizza Hut, which can get stale and repetitive overtime. However, more sponsorships eventually came to G4 over the months.
    • This is most likely due to the seemingly limited amount of budget the network's relaunch has.
  9. Kevin Perierra, one of the returning co-hosts of Attack of the Show, has gained an apparent interest in NFTs, which are considered harmful to the enviroment.
  10. Speaking of Perierra, the reboot of his show, Attack of the Show, drags for way too long, as the episodes in the style of the old version of the show from G4's first run on Fridays lasts for at least two hours long, as opposed it its shorter 30-minute at most length.
  11. Some of the other "new" shows the channel's relaunch airs are just compilations of popular YouTubers such as Scott the Woz and Viva La Dirt League, which is redundant, because you can already watch them for free on YouTube.

Redeeming Qualities

The channel was great when it first started, and was also fun to watch after its relaunch before its second downfall. Click here to see its redeeming qualities.


Original Run