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Furiki Wheels

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Furiki Wheels
Yet another French show trying to ripoff Spongebob Squarepants. As if the precedent was not enough.
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 11 minutes
Country: France
United Kingdom
Release Date: July 2, 2018
December 15, 2018
Network(s): France 4
Disney XD
Created by: Frédéric Martin
Distributed by: Gaumont Animation
Starring: Kyle Soller
David O'Reilly
Gary Martin
Larissa Murray
David O'Connor
Jules de Jongh
Beth Chalmeri
Cory English
Bob Golding
Kosha Engler
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 26

Furiki is a French animation series in 52 11-minute segments created by Frédéric Martin. It's initially broadcast in the United Kingdom on May 28, 2018, on Disney XD, then in France on July 2, 2018, on France 4, and rebroadcast on July 6, 2019, on Disney Channel, and finally on July 8, 2019, to May 1, 2020, on Disney XD.


A hyperactive young sloth is the first of its kind to leave its tree, and it doesn't stop there! He wants to shake off the dust of this town and see the world, but first, he has to pass his driver's license.

Why It Wheels Away

  1. This is yet another French show to be mean with the main character.
  2. The flash animation is mediocre and does not look like a French show. It's more suited to a Canadian show.
  3. Similar to ToonMarty, it's a Spongebob Squarepants ripoff because the characters look like Spongebob characters.
    • André Furiki is a clone of Spongebob, being hyperactive and trying to get a license like him.
    • Chobado is a clone of Patrick Star, he's a bit stupid, and he is the best friend of the main character.
    • Pepita is based on Sandy.
    • Mrs. Piston is based on Mrs. Puff as she is the driving instructor.
    • Champion is based on Squidward as he abused by the duo every time.
    • Gordon is a clone of Plankton because he is the show's antagonist.
  4. Boring theme song that screams "kid's show" on every floor.
  5. Poor dubbing.
  6. In addition to being a Spongebob ripoff, the characters are unfriendly, especially Furiki, who a "Butt-Monkey".
  7. The relationship between Furiki and his car is weird.
  8. The show only lasted 5 months which is ridiculous.
  9. All in all it's forgettable and yet another bad french show like other horrible French show of the 2010s.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The plot was exciting.
  2. Sometimes it's funny.


Furiki Wheels holds a 4.3/10 on IMDb


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