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Funny Pets

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Note: This is not to be confused with Funny Pets 2, a film by WowNow Entertainment.

Funny Pets
Funny pets.jpg
Popee the Performer's long lost cousin.
Genre: Animation
Country: Japan
Release Date: January 10 - March 28, 2006
Network(s): Kids station
Created by: Ryuji Masuda
Distributed by: Mizutaka
Starring: Ryuji Masuda
Wakako Masuda
Atsushi Ishino
Michiko Furutani
Haruka Igawa
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 24

Funny Pets (Japanese: ファニーペッツ Fanīpettsu) is a Japanese CGI-animated series created by the husband-wife team, Ryuji and Wakako Masuda (the same people behind a similar anime), and was released in early 2006 and ended mid-to-later that year.

The show has 24 episodes and revolves around two aliens named Crescent (the moon) and Corona (the sun), who both crash on Earth in a weird, empty dessert-themed place located in the middle of nowhere with their UFO. They get found by a simple-minded and moody red-headed showgirl named Funny, and adopt both of the two and keeping them as pets.

Why It's (Intentionally?) Unfunny

  1. The characters are all mean-spirited, stupid and bland.
    • Funny is a ridiculously stupid, weird and unlikeable character who abuses Crescent for no explained reason and is always unaware of the dangerous situations he and Corona both face. In the very first episode, she kicked Crescent out of her house over a portrait drawing she didn't like, and another one where she spanked Crescent in order to get him alive after dying from choking on an apple instead of taking him to a doctor or a hospital (in fact, do medical institutions even exist in this series?) For that matter, were Funny's parents abusive enough to name her that?
    • Corona is annoying, as he always whines like a big baby for the smallest reasons possible.
    • Crescent, despite not doing anything wrong with Funny, is the MegWard the Wizard of the show, and keeps nagging about Funny constantly ignoring him.
  2. Funny’s choice of clothing was unnecessary.
  3. Although a slight improvement from Popee the Performer, it still has ugly and outdated animation (that is the basis for most of Ryuji and Wakako's creations), even for 2006 standards.
    • Like the aforementioned series, the show is intended to resemble a typical western cartoon, along the lines of Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, and Warner Bros..
  4. Horrible and simplistic character designs.
  5. Weird, disturbing and utterly nonsensical episode plots and storylines.
  6. Unfunny toilet humor in some episodes.
  7. Most likely due to Japan's different views of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable for younger audience, there are some inappropriate moments in a show aimed at children that would give shows like the second season of George of the Jungle runs for their money.
    • Funny's unnaturally large breasts and body.
    • Evil (Funny's evil side after being separated because of a test potion she unknowingly drank created by Crescent) appearing as a dominatrix.
    • Just (Funny's good side) being repeatedly whipped by Evil after multiple attempts at giving her roses.
    • Corona defecating clouds.
  8. Annoying soundtrack.
  9. The theme/ending song is horribly-composed and sung. It is also hard to translate because you cannot almost hear what the singer is saying.
  10. Earbleeding voice acting
  11. This anime made Ryuji and Wakako Masuda fade into obscurity for several years until 2017 when their other show, Popee the Performer, got popular on social media.
  12. The series seems to be a ripoff of Sgt. Frog, a much-better and enjoyable series.
  13. The finale episode is clichéd and poorly executed. Like, why is it so hard for Funny to let Crescent and Corona leave Earth and move on with her life? She barely treated them equally and was responsible for all the havoc throughout their stay thanks to her ignorance and self-disrespect. Well, at least she got a new pet kitten, but that won't change whatever happened.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Funny's design is kind of cute.
  2. It successfully and faithfully imitates western cartoons, both aesthetic-wise, and convention-wise.
  3. The Owl Rats are the only likable characters.
  4. The ending of the episode "Cabbage" is very wholesome, and is the only time where Funny is actually nice to Crescent.
  5. This was probably meant to be bad, considering it's made by the same man behind Popee the Performer.

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  • The show got cancelled very quickly in Japan, and after the cancellation of Funny Pets, Kids' Station wanted nothing to do with it or the creators (not even Ryuji Masuda) anymore. The official website for Funny Pets was also sold and turned into a website about alcohol poisoning.