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Funimation (2019-present)

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Crunchyroll, LLC.
Activision Blizzard anime distribution cousin.
Formerly: Funimation Productions (1994–2019)
Funimation Entertainment (2005–2011)

Funimation Global Group(2019-2022)

Industry: Entertainment
Video streaming service
Founded: May 9, 1994 (Funimation)
May 14, 2006 (Crunchyroll)
Founder: Gen Fukunaga
Cindy Fukunaga
Kun Gao
James Lin
Brandon Ooi
Vu Nguyen
Headquarters: Flower Mound, Texas, United States (Dubbing Studio)
San Francisco, California, U.S. (Main Unit)
Key people: Gen Fukunaga (founder and chairman of Funimation)
Colin Decker (general manager)
Rahul Purini(CEO)
Asa Suehira (CCO)
Parent: Sony Pictures Television (2017–present)
Aniplex (Sony Music Entertainment Japan; 2019–present)
Divisions: Crunchyroll UK and Ireland
Crunchyroll EMEA
Crunchyroll Films
Crunchyroll Studios
Subsidiaries: Madman Anime

Crunchyroll, LLC. (formerly Funimation) is an anime licensing company founded in Houston, Texas back in 1994; The company was majority acquired by Sony in 2019, with founder Gen Fukunaga keeping a 1% stake.

They used to be a great anime dubbing company until they went downhill in 2019, due to their recent business agenda.

Why They're Now A Unfun Soggy Bread


  1. It started out as a piracy site, but eventually they opted to go legit.
  2. Crunchyroll does a poor job at making accurate subtitles for anime, at times the localization is sub-par even by fansub standards. Even worst sometimes they don't bother putting English subtilties in shows like High Guardian Spice for example.
  3. For a very long time, Crunchyroll required the dying Adobe Flash to function even when most other sites moved on to HTML 5. Eventually a HTML 5 plugin for Crunchyroll was released and it had solved numerous issues, such as not being able to rewind to the 0:00 mark on Flash.
  4. The comment section on the site is broken, only a handful of comments show up on certain videos and the filtering system is quite buggy.
  5. Subpar video quality, to the point that many consider piracy a better alternative to watch anime.
  6. It used to have a downloading function but it got killed off back in 2010, partly because how poorly advertised the function was, and partly because it still has DRM.
  7. Since recently Crunchyroll was also known to be on the "woke" side, for instance they somehow find the need to hold a LGBT panel during a convention. When questioned about it, Crunchyroll simply replied "Because anime is for EVERYONE", as if suggesting the community is excluding queer people for no good reason when it's not the case. What's worse is that in said panel, during 45 minutes, the staff was talking about their personal experience as LGBT people instead of discussing topics such as the representation of LGBT in anime, which would definitely be a better fitting topic for an anime-themed business' panel.
    • Hypocritically they allowed a radical feminist writer by the name of Kate Leth to work in High Guardian Spice and are fine with her being misandrist towards men.
  8. Crunchyroll has also force people to pay the overpriced streaming services by playing the ads that unskippable and they often cause lagging to occur. In fact some of the ad can be really long much longer then what YouTube is. Which cost about $7.99 a month for a Premium subscription.
  9. Feminist propaganda despite still allowing anime, manga, and Asian live actions films and shows with attractive/sexualized women or Rule 34 and other things they really hate on their site.
  10. It was one of the sites that sometimes misrated shows which caused the Goblin Slayer and High Guardian Spice drama in 2018 and 2021. For starters, the Goblin Slayer anime was rated TV-PG on Crunchyroll, which is really low considering that the anime (and the manga at a higher degree) has depictions of slaughter, gore and rape by the goblins to the characters FROM THE VERY FIRST EPISODE. This error caused a lot of people who used Crunchyroll to watch the anime expecting, at worse, a generic isekai with mild violence, only to get shocked by the episode (mainly due to the depiction of rape even though it makes the goblins even more hateable instead of glorifying it) expressed their disgust on Twitter by discouraging people to watch it, some of which alleged to be traumatized by it.
    • Meanwhile High Guardian Spice was promoted as for adult audiences despite the blood are not too gorily, hammer down the audiences IQ like their are pre school and does not had things that can upset the kid unlike something above.
  11. They have recently deleted most of their anime catalogue, including the anime licensed by rival anime licensing company Sentai Filmworks which goes against the platform's very beginnings since its creation in 2006.


  1. They recently added agendas of political stuff in some of their dubs.
    • One such example was in Prison School when one character referred to "that dumbass GamerGate creep shows." Keep in mind that the show takes place in Japan and GamerGate is an American movement. The original line was "You keep talking to me like we're on equal terms, but I'm a second year. You have to address a superior more politely."
    • Another such example was Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. Jamie Marchi, voice director and voice actress of Lucoa in the show, intentionally rewrote one of the lines to her demands. The line was, "Oh, those pesky patriarchal social demands were getting on my nerves, so I changed clothes". The original line was as follows: "Everyone was always saying something to me, so I tried toning down the exposure. How was it?"
    • They later did the same thing with My First Girlfriend is a Gal, in which they altered certain lines to insult anyone who reads visual and light novels, calling them misogynists, incels, and losers. When the original line was about girls not wanting to read lewd scenes in public, even if it makes the customer happy. When their fans called them out on this, Funimation refused to apologize and instead posted a statement about not condoning harassment.
  2. Poor customer service, such as when they claim it's the internet connection or episode, but was a site problem. They can also forget to fix a broken video as well.
  3. They still haven't fixed glitches, with one example being after watching an episode. On the main page, it won't recognize that you already watched that episode and thinks that you're still watching the episode you've already completed. The other infamous one is when you try to access your account, it will redirect you to the main page.
  4. They support corrupt voice actors and actresses such as Monica Rial and the aforementioned Jamie Marchi.
  5. Their site in 2017 was very buggy and had video player issues when a huge chunk of cookies was being used.
  6. When people started unsubscribing from Funimation in 2019, they tried to stop this by briefly removing the “cancel subscription” button, while claiming that it was a bug.
  7. They, along with Crunchyroll, infamously release the woke "anime"-inspired show, High Guardian Spice.
  8. They're very hypocritical, these examples include:
    • The first example involves Fire Force airing on Toonami, in which Funimation censored a scene involving the character Tamaki Kotatsu's breasts and butt getting grabbed, but not a scene when she sat on another character's face. However, that was a decision made by Adult Swim, which generally has looser censorship policies compared to the normal daytime Cartoon Network (the Funimation dub for Attack on Titan has aired with the word "shit" uncensored).
    • Another example of hypocrisy is how Funimation made a video celebrating pride month with LGBT+ voice actors on their YouTube channel, yet Chris Sabat, one of the lead executives of the company, made his rendition of Dragon Ball Z involving homophobic jokes and, along with other voice actors, made homophobic remarks about Vic Mignogna.
  9. Very toxic workplace environment where infighting and gossip are rampant.
    • There is also no policy regarding sexual harassment or misconduct and nobody was punished for it except for Vic, who was wrongly persecuted over unproven allegations.
  10. Some of the voice actresses even slept with the directors for roles in projects, which shows the blatant cronyism going on in the company.
  11. Their physical home media releases are very inconsistent:
    • One example is My Hero Academia, its first season got a single release, but its later seasons were separated into two parts until they got a single release with both parts combined. Speaking of its split-up sets, they sell each Blu-Ray part for $50. Basically, if you want to watch a twenty-five episode series or season, you need to pay $100 plus tax.
      • If you want to get a DVD set for LESS than $50, then you have to pay up for Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 6.
    • Some of their Blu-Ray releases have glaring technical issues, such as 2-channel mono audio on Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, out-of-sync dub audio on Re:ZERO -Starting Life In Another World-, flickering subtitles on My Hero Academia, and the inability to disable subtitles on any release from 2014 to 2018 if the Japanese audio is chosen.
    • Their awful Dragon Ball Z DVD releases. They keep on cropping a 4:3 image to 16:9 and using digital noise reduction, which ruins the image.
    • Their infamous Dragon Ball Z 30th Anniversary set received a ton of fire before its release.
    • Their Danganronpa: The Animation: Collector’s Edition DVD and Blu-Ray box set came in with two Blu-Ray boxes, one with the Blu-Ray disc and one with the DVD disc. What laziness!
    • They still have not released Your Name in 4K Ultra HD in North America, which means fans there will have to import it from Japan, which is not only more expensive but also does not contain the English dub, only subtitles.
    • Although they do and have dubbing into Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, these have not been included in the physical releases, both their own dubbing and those of third parties.
  12. They recently abandoned one of their dubs known as Interspecies Reviewers because the anime they licensed was against their standards, yet they dubbed Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid, Heaven’s Lost Property, The Testament of Sister New Devil, etc. This is also very hypocritical.
    • And despite not dubbing or using the anime anymore, they still keep a hold of the dub rights to it.
  13. After Scott Freeman was arrested for possessing child pornography, Funimation kept him employed for at least a year before firing him, meaning that they were well aware that he's a pedophile.
    • There were also many cases somewhat related to this as wellː
      • Chris Thurman was revealed to have sent actual explicit pictures to minors he was in contact with, and he even admits it as well. Due to this, his relationship with Funimation was terminated.
      • Another case was back in 2014 a former ADV/Sentai Filmworks, Funimation Actor, and Acting Teacher Illich Guardiola was dating his then 16-year-old female acting student Hope Harris and (surprisingly) with consent from her and her parents both Illich and Hope got married in Las Vegas and due to this, it is most likely he is not going to return to Sentai Filmworks or Funimation.
      • Doc Morgan sexually harassing minors.
      • The most recent case happened shortly after firing Vic, in One Piece: Stampede, Akudama Drive, Ikebukuro West Gate Park, and My Hero Academia, they hired D.C. Douglas despite their existing conclusive evidence of him committing sexual harassment, indecent exposure, emotional-psychological manipulation, homophobia, transphobia, and non-disclosure agreement violations. But after World Heroes Mission, it looks like they disassociated with him.
      • Daman Mills sexually harassing a boy named Duncan and then intimidating and forcing him to admit that the allegations (which is true based on Duncan's evidence) are false (which is not false at all)
      • While not exactly sexual, Funimation still let Nathan Sharp A.K.A. NateWantsToBattle reprise his role of Marcel Galliard for the final season of Attack On Titan long after he cheated on Cristina Vee while engaged to her.
  14. They also approve of their voice actors bullying/isolating fans and even other fellow voice actors over different viewpoints.
    • Terri Doty blocking everyone after making a whole Twitlonger post smearing Chuck Huber for simply handling an autistic fan named Edward in a way the fan wouldn't be hurt and blocking anyone who sided with Chuck.
    • Kyle Phillips blasted Eric Rolon on Twitter for supporting the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse and tweeting a link to a Nick Rekeita live stream on the subject.
    • Many actors harassed Vic Mignogna after he paid his respects to Chris Ayres after his death. How disrespectful can you get?
      • Ironically enough, several of these actors also paid their respects to Chris Ayres' death themselves.
  15. On Twitter, they teased Nintendo to add Goku from Dragon Ball in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate back when it was still in development. Seriously Funimation, Goku is not a video game character and he'll never join anyways. Plus, Akria Toriyama created and owns him and it's Toei Animation Shueisha & Bird Studio's job not Funimation.
  16. Worst case of all, the president of Funimation, Gen Fukunaga, NEVER does anything within his own company. He does not even give the actors warnings or fire them for homophobia, anti-Semitism, sexual harassment, or misconduct. This lead to people to make assumptions that he is either ignorant to it or he supports it as well.

Redeeming Qualities


  1. They have fixed the video quality issue in 2018.
    • They also now use an HTML5 video player that fixes many issues from the Adobe flash player.
  2. Crunchyroll is still a great site to watch anime, read manga, and also to watch live action films and shows, as it has a great variety of good shows and mangas, even if, as mentioned before, it could expand its borders and show more Western programs.
  3. Thanks to them, many anime shows (such as Dr. Stone) were dubbed to Spanish and Portuguese and the Toonami block returned in Latin America.
  4. As mentioned above, they decided to go legit.


  1. To be fair, most of the shows they have licensed are good, and they still license good shows as of today.
  2. Their app has subtitled anime available and had recently started offering dubs and subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese and Latin-American Spanish.
  3. People can still legally watch their movies and shows without directly supporting them on Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Adult Swim.
  4. Despite WTNFA#1, a good percentage of their dubs are still high-quality, such as My Hero Academia, Dr. Stone, Black Clover, Tokyo Ghoul, etc. Considering that most of the WIS reasons apply to their business practices.
  5. With their partnership with Aniplex of America, they've remedied the latter's expensive Blu-ray prices starting with a priced-down re-issue of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.
  6. There are still plenty of talented/non-corrupt voice actors such as Justin Cook, Kellen Goff, Luci Christian, Kyle Hebert, Jill Harris, Robert McCollum, Chris Hackney, Austin Tindle, Todd Haberkorn, Caitlin Glass, Johnny Yong Bosch, Cherami Leigh, and so on.
  7. Despite the point under WTNFA#13, it looks like they have disassociated with Douglas after World Heroes' Mission. (Same can be said to Daman Mills due to his sexual assault on Duncan)
  8. They made the right call when it came to firing Chris Thurman immediately after the latter admitted to sending photos of his penis to underage girls via Discord.
  9. They used to be a great company before 2019.


  • In March 2022, Sony announced that all of Funimation's streaming service library would be moving to Crunchyroll, thus changing the company's name from 'Funimation Global Group LLC' to 'Crunchyroll LLC'. It also was announced that the Funimation and Wakanim SVOD services would be consolidated into Crunchyroll.