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Full English
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The show that answers the question that absolutely nobody wanted answering: "How do you make Modern Family Guy even worse?"
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 30 Minutes
Country: United Kingdom
Release Date: November 12, 2012 - December 10, 2012
Created by: Jack Williams
Harry Williams
Alex Scarfe
Distributed by: Two Brothers Pictures
Starring: Richard Ayoade
Daisy Haggard
Kayvan Novak
Rosie Cavaliero
Oliver Maltman
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 6 (1 unaired)

Full English is a British animated adult sitcom created by Jack Williams, Harry Williams and Alex Scarfe for Channel 4. The program is produced by Two Brothers Pictures, and parodies/satirizes various popular entertainment personalities in the United Kingdom.

Full English aired its first episode on 12 November 2012, with the first season ending abruptly on 10 December 2012 after the final episode, due to air on 17 December 2012, was pulled from the schedules. The show was cancelled after airing six episodes, according to the official Facebook page, probably due to the negative reception the show received.

Why It Sucks

  1. Unlike most British cartoons like Aardman's Wallace and Gromit, Full English has no charm or that much creativity whatsoever.
  2. This show tends to be as offensive as South Park and Family Guy by making fun of fat people, emos, disabled people, etc., but it tries way too hard at doing it and fails every single time.
  3. It feels like a shameless rip off of Family Guy more than a British version of that said show.
  4. The show is extremely mean-spirited towards the main character, Edgar. His wife and boss/father-in-law are always abusing him and blaming him for everything that is mostly a simple mistake like Edgar thinking Ken was a serial killer. For example, Edgar is forced to live in a mental home for getting mad at his boss, even though Ken was obviously the one who angered him in the first place.
  5. Most of the characters are either very unlikable, selfish, boring, or badly written:
    • Ken Lavender is an egotistically unfair cheapskate and an incredibly malicious and neglectful boss who never seems to care about his employee, Edgar. He even treats Edgar like a slave instead of a real employee. He always has the same nasty spirit as any character who is worse than him.
    • Edgar's wife, Wendy, is unfair and abusive to Edgar, as mentioned before. She always treats her husband like she hates him. Even if he is sorry, or did something stupid that was unintentional, or was only trying to make everything up to her, Wendy has never treated her husband that well. If she loves her husband, then how come she does the same mistakes and misunderstandings Ken does? That is the example of hypocrisy.
    • Dusty is incredibly stupid and annoying, and he just never shuts up! Not to mention, he is overly idiotic.
    • Eve is a one-dimensional fat emo stereotype who is clearly paper-thin.
    • Jason has little-to-no personality or any form of character developments. The only bit of character development he has ever been given is when he went to Thailand to find himself. He's way blander and more underdeveloped than anyone else.
    • False advertising on the promo images: Squidge is barely a main character. In every episode, he is a pointless plot device character who says nothing but naughty words all the time. In fact, the way he swears gets really old very fast, and his squeaky voice is annoying.
  6. The crudeness is just bland and lifeless, and there is no effort put into the crudeness whatsoever.
  7. Some adult content went uncensored when the first five episodes aired on UK television (the sixth episode was unaired, but can be found online), including a scene where Jason and a Castilian Spanish man have on-screen gay sex in the middle of an island when Jason went to Thailand to find himself.
  8. The jokes in this show are either annoying, unfunny, bland, repetitive and/or boring.
  9. The writing in this show sucks as it tries way too hard to be like South Park or Family Guy's writing. It ends up going to the levels of being either really stupid or just tasteless with/even without its usage of crude humor.
  10. So many other jokes can either come out flat, cliche, embarrassing, mean spirited, painful and hilariously bad, or are just meant to hurt and insult you no matter what.
  11. There is an infamous scene in one episode where Eve summons the ghosts of Princess Diana and Jade Goody during a seance. No words can describe just how tasteless it is.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The animation isn’t too bad, being done by Rough Draft Studios.
  2. The voice acting is decent, with big names providing some of the voices.
  3. The intro is actually pretty good.
  4. It does have heartwarming moments at times.
  5. Wendy deserved Edgar's revenge on her, despite the fact Edgar was on steroids in one episode.
  6. Edgar is (mostly) the only likable character.





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I have "FULL ENGLISH"... *coughs*


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More like Full Engrish amirite?


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Yeah, this show was awful. This show is a lot worse than Stressed Eric (Which I Like BTW), it's an unfunny show, that is just a poor Family Guy clone.

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