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Fresh Heir (Family Guy)

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Fresh Heir (Family Guy)
Chris and Peter Get Married.jpg
Don’t ask what’s fresh about this episode!
Series: Family Guy
Part of Season: 12
Episode Number: 14
Air Date: March 23, 2014
Writer: Steve Callaghan
Director: Mike Kim
Previous episode: "3 Acts of God"
Next episode: "Secondhand Spoke"

"Fresh Heir" is an episode from Family Guy's 12th season. It is the 14th episode of that season.


After Peter rejects spending time with him, Chris turns to his grandfather, Carter, to spend time with. But when Chris becomes the heir to Carter's fortune, Peter changes his mind at the last minute and tries to get Chris to like him.

Why This Heir Isn't Fresh

  1. Awful and Ridiculous Plot: Peter decides to marry Chris, his son, after Carter decides to leave him his entire fortune.
    • Not only does this depict incest, which is illegal in real life, but also depicts homosexuality in a bad light and pedophilia, which is also illegal. Basically, it's gay pedophilic incest.
    • This is something that you would expect from Allen Gregory than Family Guy.
  2. It overuses offensive and disgusting themes, as well as jokes about incest, pedophilia, statutory rape, and homosexuality.
  3. Peter is at his ABSOLUTE WORST here (alongside "Seahorse Seashell Party"), and for several reasons:
    • At first he is a terrible father to Chris, as he doesn't want to spend time with him and is not interested in it, and doesn't even care of how deeply this is hurting him.
    • When Brian confronts Peter about spending more time with Chris, Peter has the nerve to ask what's in it for him.
    • Peter only decides to spend time with Chris and try to please him when Carter names him his heir, and he only does it so that Chris will give him his money, but not because he is trying to be a good father.
    • He then tries to marry Chris in order so they can share the money as a married couple! Keep in mind that we're talking about a 14-year old boy while Peter is in his later 40's.
    • Even though Peter is only going through with this to steal Chris' money that he inherited from Carter, it also implies that he isn’t entirely pretending and that he really is a pedophile by staring at a kid’s butt.
  4. Most of the scenes are unfunny, disgusting and lack the charm of other episodes.
    • In one scene, Chris presumably gave Carter a handjob. He also teaches him how to masturbate. Yes, really.
    • Some scenes have lines that are intended to be jokes, but end up not being funny at all, such as the one where Peter makes a reservation in a restaurant for romantic couples with his son Chris and asks the waiter: "Do you have a table for the couple who barely made it through the weekend without breaking up?"
    • Some of the scenes go on for way too long, like the secret handshake one.
  5. This episode is filled with several gross/unpleasant scenes, including the "hairless twin" scene. Most of these scenes have nothing to do with the episode itself and therefore serve as filler.
    • The disturbingly gross cutaway where Peter cuts off his testicles.
    • The scene where Peter decapitates a deaf kid at Chris' school because he mistakes him for his bully is disturbing and offensive to actual deaf people.
    • Carter breaks his knee with his bone STICKING out.
    • Barbara is shown to be on the cover of Veins magazine, which is really disgusting.
  6. Before Peter goes off to marry his son Chris, he signs divorce papers so that he and Lois are officially divorced. By the end of this episode, this problem still hasn't been resolved as Peter and Lois still remain divorced after that.
  7. Peter is never punished for attempting to marry his underage son for money, even though Lois said that several people called the police about it, but he was never arrested.
  8. Lois's excuse to don't going taking care of Carter was very stupid, she was trying to get the family to notice that she's had her hair done.
  9. This infamous scene.
  10. The episode is derivative of the American Dad! episode "Virtual Insanity" because that episode had a plot and several jokes concerning gay incest between father and son.
    • It’s also derivative of Pulling Double Booty as that episode also focuses on a parent child relationship. However it’s worse here because in the latter episode, Hayley is only dating Stans body double but here, Peter is REALLY trying to marry Chris.
  11. Continuity error: Peter decides to go to Vermont so he could legally marry Chris there since gay marriage is legal in Vermont. However, this contradicts the episode "You May Now Kiss The Uh.. Guy Who Receives" as Brian got gay marriage legalized in Quahog, which if "Fresh Heir" acknowledged, would have allowed Peter to marry Chris in Quahog instead of traveling many miles out to another state to do it. Because of this, Peter’s decision to travel to Vermont does not make any sense. Even more glaring is that this episode was released a year before gay marriage was legalized nationwide in the U.S. by the Supreme Court, making this episode look heavily outdated.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The pizza race scene was funny, as well as the one where Chris and Carter start a band.
  2. Chris is the only likeable character in this episode.
  3. The unspoken bonds cutaway was a bit funny.
  4. Peter does apologize to Chris for marrying him for money at the end, but still doesn't excuse him for what he did.


"Fresh Heir" received overwhelmingly negative reviews and is considered to be one of the worst Family Guy episodes. It currently sits at a 5.2/10 on IMDb.[1] PhantomStrider labeled it as the 4th worst episode of Family Guy in 2015, while ranked it as the 2nd worst.[2]