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French adaptations of comics

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Some of the French cartoons are actually adapted from comics and are quite well known to the French but the majority are bad and this topic will explain to you roughly why.

Pourquoi la plupart d'entre eux sucent (Why Most Of Them Suck)

  1. The main problem with these cartoons is that often the creator of the comic is not involved in them.
  2. The flash animation of these cartoons range from mediocre to downright terrible (Les P'tits Diables and Parker & Badger are the worst examples).
  3. The majority of episodes are based on 1 page gags that fit into an entire episode.
  4. The characters are often flanderized and bear no resemblance to their comic book counterparts.
  5. Some of these shows are actually based on gory comics and meant for a more adult audience but yet they adapt it to general audience removing any adult scenes from it and therefore removing the spirit of the source material and the comics itself.
  6. Often these cartoons give comics a bad reputation.

La seule qualité rédemptrice (The Only Redeeming Quality)

  1. Some of them are faithful to they source materiel.

How to make a good comic book adaptation

  1. Stick to your comic and don't flanderize these characters.
  2. If your comic is addressed to a more mature audience avoid censoring everything stupidly because it would ruin the source material.
  3. The author of the comic must also be involved in it.

Notable Offenders

NOTE: Do not put films adapted from comics like Les Profs or L'Elève Ducobu because they are not series and do not put cartoons adapted into comics like Rabbids Invasion either because they are not really adaptations of comics, it just a video game adaptations.

  1. The Smurfs (1981, season 9)
  2. Marsupilami (Disney) (1993)
  3. Achille Talon (1997)
  4. Marsupilami (2000, season 5 (Our Neighbours the Marsupilamis))
  5. Titeuf (2001, season 4)
  6. Kid Paddle (2003) (Depending of your point of view)
  7. Franky Snow (2007)
  8. Famous 5: On the Case (2008)
  9. Les Blagues de Toto (2010)
  10. Les P'tits Diables (2011) (Which considered the terrible series)
  11. Le Petit Spirou (2012)
  12. Lanfeust Quest (2013)
  13. Trolls de Troy (2013) (The most infamous example)
  14. Boule & Bill (2016)
  15. Les Légendaires (2017) (The another infamous example)
  16. Les Sisters (2017)
  17. Le Monde selon Kev (2018)
  18. Kid Lucky (2020)

Good Examples of French adaptations of comics

NOTE: Do not put films adapted from comics like Titeuf: The Movie because they are not series and do not put cartoons adapted into comics like Street Football either because they are not really adaptations of comics .

  1. The Smurfs (1981, season 1-8)
  2. Lucky Luke (1991)
    • The New Adventures of Lucky Luke (2001)
    • Les Dalton (2013)
  3. The Adventures of Tintin (1991)
  4. Spirou (1993)
  5. Tom-Tom & Nana (1998)
  6. Marsupilami (2000, seasons 1-4)
  7. Cédric (2001)
  8. Titeuf (2001, seasons 1-3)
  9. Boule & Bill (2005)
  10. Yakari (2005)
  11. Spirou & Fantasio (2006)
  12. Ariol (2008)
  13. Lou! (2009) (The most famous example)
  14. Silex and the City (2012)
IMDb Rating Senscritique Rating
Marsupilami (Disney) 6.1/10 5.4/10
Achille Talon 4.8/10 4.9/10
Marsupilami (2000, Season 5) 4.0/10 3.2/10
Kid Paddle 6.0/10 5.3/10
Franky Snow x 4.4/10
Les Blagues de Toto (2010) x 3.3/10
Les p'tits diables x 4.5/10
Le Petit Spirou x 4.2/10
Lanfeust Quest 5.3/10 2.9/10
Trolls de Troy 5.5/10 3.7/10
Boule & Bill 6.4/10 3.2/10
Les Légendaires 6.1/10 3.9/10
Les Sisters x 4.8/10
Le monde selon Kev 2.8/10 2.7/10


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