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Franklin & Friends

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Franklin & Friends
Frankln & Friends.jpg
Not the Franklin I grew up with.
Genre: Children

Adventure Fantasy

Running Time: 11 Minutes
Country: Singapore


Release Date: March 4, 2011 (Canada)

February 13, 2012 (USA) - December 22, 2013

Network(s): Nick Jr (USA)
Treehouse TV (Canada)
Created by: Jeff Sweeney
Distributed by: Nelvana
Starring: Graeme Jokic
Elizabeth Brown
Richard Brown
Camden Angelis
John Stocker
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 52
Previous show: Franklin (1997)
Next show: N/A

Franklin and Friends is an animated CGI series aired in 2011 in Canada and 2012 in the USA. The series got canceled in 2013.


Franklin and Friends," based on the children's book series featuring Franklin, is a computer-animated series geared toward preschoolers that aim to teach the kids lessons. The series follows Franklin the turtle, now older than in the books and previous TV series, as he experiences adventures and achieves milestones in the community of Woodland, learning lessons along the way. Franklin's friends referenced in the title include best friend Bear, problem-solving Snail, practical joker Rabbit, natural leader Beaver, inventive Fox, and empathetic Goose. The series tackles issues that involve personal empowerment, socialization, self-esteem, appreciation of nature, and school issues.

Why It Sucks

  1. Although the reboot has potential, it ruined characters and has different voice actors and art styles.
  2. The animation, while not bad, is very plastic and looks hideous.
  3. It decided to remove some characters from the original series from the new one.
  4. The voice acting, while not bad, it might be cringy to listen.
  5. Some of the characters are flanderized like Beaver because she’s way more bossier than in the original series.
  6. The series pretty much also ruined the franchise.
  7. Franklin Needs A Reminder was a bad episode.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least some of the characters didn’t get flanderized.
  2. The revamped theme song is good and catchy.
  3. Goose, Rabbit, Franklin (despite being a troublemaker and is selfish at times), Fox, Beaver (sometimes), Snail, & Bear are likable characters.


The series received a mixed-to-negative reviews from fans and critics alike. The show has a 4.9/10 rating on IMDB.





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