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Foot 2 Rue Extreme

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Foot 2 Rue Extreme
If you think Code Lyoko: Evolution was the only failed French sequel, think again!
Genre: Soccer/Football
Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: France
Release Date: April 19, 2014 - April 8, 2015
Network(s): Gulli/Canal J
France 3/4 (France)
Rai 2 (Italy)
Created by: Philippe Alessandri
Marc Beretta
Monica Rattazzi
Giorgio Welter
Distributed by: Zodiak Rights
Starring: Thomas Sagols
Hervé Grull
Benjamin Bollen
Jessica Barrier
Marie Nonnenmacher
Franck Sportis
Romain Altché
Arnaud Laurent
Benjamin Pascal
Caroline Combes
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 39
Previous show: Foot 2 Rue (seasons 1-3)
Next show: Foot 2 Rue (2022) (seasons 4)

"In the end, this series is a new generation that will forever remain in the shadows. Frankly, even with effort, it is very difficult to consider this series successful. This series has far too many problems, whether it's its sickening animation, lack of direction, empty sets, uninteresting football matches or questionable designs for certain characters, we are dealing with a very bad series. So, the only advice to recommend to you is to continue to act as if this series never existed. I know that some fans will want to defend the series but, for my part, I cannot defend it when I see what it gives."
FloYuki on Senscritique

Foot 2 Rue Extreme is a French-Italian 3D animated series in 39 22-minute episodes, created by Philippe Alessandri, Marc Beretta, Monica Rattazzi, and Giorgio Welter. It broadcasted from April 19, 2014, on France 3 in the programming block, Ludo. It is freely inspired by the book La Compagnie des Célestins by Stefano Benni.

In Italy, it has broadcasted since June 9, 2014, on Rai 2. The Foot 2 Rue reboot has subsequently broadcasted on Canal J since January 1, 2015, and ended its original broadcast there on April 8, 2015. The series is also broadcasted on Gulli, in preview on November 18, 2015, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the channel, and since April 22, 2016.


Tag, a former street soccer player, becomes the half-brother of Samy, an extreme street soccer enthusiast and captain of his crew, the Team, of which Tag becomes the coach. The Team participates in a tournament where different teams, named the Ninjaz, the Deltoro, the Magics, the Darksides, and the Team, compete to decide which will represent the city in a tournament against teams from around the world.

Why Did They Take Their Goal

  1. The big problem of the series is that for a "sequel" to Foot 2 Rue, it has very little or no connection with the original series in addition to not having any charm.
    • Even worse similar with Teen Titans Go! it came out at the wrong time as the original series ended on a cliffhanger and fans were still waiting for a sequel to the series.
    • In fact, even given the changes, this series looks more like a spin-off than a sequel and the atmosphere is very different to the series.
  2. No characters from the original series except for Tag and Eloise make any appearance in this series and even those who are still there have few ties to their original counterparts.
    • Tag although it hasn't been flanderized has a very poor design and bears no resemblance to its 2005 counterpart to such an extent that you don't recognize it the first time you see it.
      • Worse still in this series, he went from a Latino skin color to a Caucasian skin color, further compounding the fact that he is unrecognizable.
    • Eloise also has a really mediocre design although she remains at least faithful to her 2005 counterpart unlike Tag, but this character only appeared in one episode as if the writers had forgotten her.
  3. The majority of episodes all work by the same recipe.
    • Start of the tournament.
    • A team member has a problem often related to the challenge selected for the match.
    • He cannot solve his problem.
    • The Team loses in the first half.
    • The person solved his problem during halftime.
    • The Team catches up in the second half.
    • Everyone is cheering.
  4. Similar to Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks, the animation went from a nice 2D animation to a CGI animation and that CGI animation is terrible, stilted and pretty bad by 2014 standards to the point that it can compete with Fireman Sam's CGI.
  5. Some characters are unlikeable.
    • Samy is a pretentious child, capricious liar seen in certain moments sexist. He often thinks only of himself and is a Big Gary Stu
      • Moreover, he cheats since he has a pair of rollerblades.
    • Joey is very annoying, and his voice in French does not help to appreciate this character.
    • Louna is a pretentious and selfish girl.
    • Greg, although likable, is a notable "Butt-Monkey" as he is rarely listened to because he has trouble speaking in public, so people (including his teammates) use this to their advantage.
      • Greg has a crush on Kassidy, and to win a game, Kassidy pretends to be interested in him.
      • Fat makes Greg pick four players for a game, and because he cannot speak, Fat being picked them for him.
      • Greg is the target of bullying when the Dark Side steals Samy's ball. Then, Samy got mad at Greg because the ball was missing.
      • Colin picks on Greg, and when Greg tells Samy, instead of believing him, Samy tells him he's just jealous.
    • The Magics are just Mary Sues and Gary Stus.
    • The DarkSides are selfish jerks who like to harass others.
      • Sly is the worst on this crew because he did unforgivable things like lock Samy in a cellar.
      • The worst is that although they often punished, they do not get what they deserve. Such as being banned from the tournament, which makes them Karma Houdini.
  6. The name of the main crew is terrible because they are called The Team. and I am not joking.
  7. When there are inscriptions, for example, they turn on a computer, the things written mean nothing if they had put their heads on their keyboard.
  8. Dubbing is often bad, especially for those of Joey, Sly, Fat, and Fino.
  9. The names of some people are ridiculous and bad examples in the Del Toro's the triplets called Enclume, Yes Man, and Puissance 4.
  10. Plot Hole: In each match, there is a challenge that they must accept or refuse, but until now, they never refuse the challenge even if it borders on the impossible, like playing for 6 hours or even in the dark.
  11. Misleading Title: The series is called Foot 2 Rue Extrême, but there nothing extreme.
  12. Unlike the 2005 series which had an excellent Street Football atmosphere, this sequel suffers from a terrible and empty atmosphere, the places where the matches take place are construction sites and there is no audience unlike the 2005 series.
    • In fact, this environment is so empty and flat that it gives the impression that they are playing in a post-apocalyptic world.
  13. The series is available on YouTube, but literally, the title of the episodes is often wrong.
  14. The Samy/Zahra couple, although cute, is far too anecdotal.
  15. Continuity error: The series has no continuity between episodes. For example, in an episode, Greg will befriend Dimi, one of the members of the Darksides, but in the next episode, they will become enemies again.
  16. Similar to My Giant Friend, Boyster, LoliRock, RedaKai, Sonic Underground, Galactik Football, Stargate Infinity and Get Blake! the show ended on a cliffhanger without continuation which results in the victory of the Team in the final episode and their qualification for the world tournament which will never succeed due to the failure of the series and its cancellation.
  17. All in all, it's forgettable, and it killed the franchise for 8 years before season 4 of the original series arrived.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least even if the old characters of the original series are very different, they have at least not undergone flanderization and remain sympathetic.
  2. All of the episodes teach good morals.
  3. Some characters are likable, like Ines, Greg, Zahra, or the Ninjaz.
  4. The theme song is cool, badass, and catchy.


Foot 2 Rue Extrême received an extremely negative reception from fans of the original series to such an extent that in France it is often considered with Code Lyoko Evolution as the worst cartoon sequels that have ever existed. The show holds a 2.4 /10 on SensCritique although the IMDb rating is surprisingly decent (6.9/10).



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