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Fleabag Monkeyface

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Fleabag Monkeyface
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Behold, the UK's answer to Fanboy & Chum Chum!
Genre: Animated comedy


Country: United Kingdom
Release Date: September 2011-January 29, 2012
Network(s): CITV
Created by: Knife and Packer
Distributed by: Cake Entertainment
Starring: Bob Golding
Karl Woolley
Jules de Jongh
Keith Wickham
Theresa Gallagher
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 26 (52 segments)

Fleabag Monkeyface is a British animated TV show, based on the popular book series The Disgusting Adventures of Fleabag Monkeyface, written by Knife and Packer, and aired on the children's channel CITV. It is aimed at children between the ages 6-10, and follows the gross-out adventures of the eponymous hero and his two creators, Gene and Gerald.

Why It's Disgusting Indeed

  1. Firstly, this show suffers from a poor grasp of the source material, and as a result, it's not very faithful to the original books.
  2. So much gross-out and toilet humour to the point that it's disgusting and nauseating. In fact, the gross out and toilet humour of this show can even rival that of the gross-out and toilet humour of Mega Babies.
  3. The writing is laughable, as a character will always state what's on the screen as if the viewer is dumb, and a character could talk about an event that hasn't even took enough place yet.
    1. The writing in general is also incompetent and lacks simple logic, such as in the first episode when Gene and Gerald bring up that The Smuglies (two prim and proper sibling characters) always get in their way and even try to pass them off as noisy. At least in that particular episode, literally (as it's their only scene in the episode) the only thing they do is watch butterflies in the boys' backyard, hardly making any noise. In the same episode too, Dr. Spamflex panics that Fleabag is ruining his plan, before he even did anything to his monster.
  4. The character designs are expressionless and somewhat ugly, especially Fleabag Monkeyface's (he looks far more hideous than the original character design).
  5. Dr. Dirk Spamflex, the main villain of the show, has a lot of references to penises (in a show meant for kids), since he has a head in the shape of a phallus, his name is one letter off from dick and dresses up in a cock (another word for chicken) suit that looks similar to a BDSM latex costume. Not to mention his helicopter looks like a disturbing sexual shape.
  6. Lazy and unappealing animation, especially for 2011 standards.
  7. Dirk's motive for becoming a villain is incredibly petty and stupid: because his TV show got cancelled. Ironically, this show got cancelled less than half a year after its debut.
  8. Mediocre and just plain bad voice-acting, with the majority of the characters sounding very low-pitched and bored while recording their lines, and many also strangely have American accents (despite being a show made and produced from the United Kingdom).
  9. Fleabag's voice sounds like Jar Jar Binks (from Star Wars) on helium.
    • Speaking of Fleabag, he’s a very disgusting and insufferable protagonist who provides way too much toilet humour.
  10. Gene and Gerald are incredibly bland, are practically the exact same character, and have no individual personalities.
    • In fact, none of the characters in this show are likable.
  11. The show rips off Captain Underpants due to Gene and Gerald's designs looking extremely similar to that of George Beard (more specifically his younger counterpart) and Harold Hutchins, respectively. To add more proof to this, both series revolve around the creators having misadventures with whatever it is they created and both use potty/gross-out humour, though while Fleabag Monkeyface fails at it, Captain Underpants executed it properly and even tends to parody itself. It also seems like a cheap rip-off of Fanboy and Chum Chum combined.
  12. Extremely repetitive episode plots, as almost all of the episodes follow the same exact formula: Fleabag and co decide to make a gross-out themed experiment or do something revolutionary, before Dirk immediately finds out about it and causes things to go wrong just in a ditch effort to try and get his TV show airing again and get Fleabag's show cancelled, after which the gang try to do something about and come out with a solution, which straight away immediately works and Dirk gets easily exposed, with him saying his catchphrase "I want my TV show baaaack!" at the end of each episode, which gets annoying very fast.
  13. The music is rather stock, cheap, and forgettable at best.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Some of the episode plots are okay and at least don't copy other episodes' stories.


Fleabag Monkeyface currently holds a 1.4/10 on IMDb.