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Fil-Cartoons alternative logo.jpg
The Philippine equivalent of Les Studios Tex, but more infamous.
Industry: Animation
Founded: 1987
Defunct: 2001
Founder: Jerry Smith
Headquarters: Manila, Philippines
Key people: Jerry Smith (formerly)
Parent: Hanna-Barbera

Fil-Cartoons, Inc. was a Manila, Philippines based animation company founded in 1987 by Jerry Smith, as an overseas unit and a subsidiary of Hanna-Barbera. It went defunct in 2001.

Why They Sucked

  1. They are very infamous for their animation and camera error frequency, especially in The Ren & Stimpy Show in Season 1.
    • Speaking of Ren & Stimpy, one of the most infamous animation error in the series caused by them, was the scene when Stimpy has two black eye dots in "Stimpy's Breakfast Tips" that make his eyes look like he came from a Funko POP toy, except poorly thought of. John Kricfalusi wanted to do a retake in that error, but kept it, because he found that error funny.
  2. Because of the errors Fil-Cartoons did in the Season 1 of The Ren & Stimpy Show, Bob Jaques hated to working with them, calling the studio had the displeasure to work with them and the horrible animation quality of the episode "Nurse Stimpy", was the reason why John Kricfalusi was credited as Raymond Spüm in that episode, being very embarrassed with the episode's animation quality.
  3. The studio did not pay employee wages properly, which caused some of the employees to sleep in the studio, because their wages were not helping to keep their rents.
  4. The studio's work condition was poor, even they didn't have an air conditioner, according to Joe Murray, when he mentioned one studio that didn't have an air conditioner, when was looking for an overseas studio for Rocko's Modern Life.
  5. Along with AKOM, they gave a bad name to the overseas studios in the animation industry.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They tried to improve their animation in later cartoons they worked on like Dexter's Laboratory (only the first six episodes; Rough Draft Studios animated everything else).
  2. They did a good cartoon called Meena (A cartoon from Bangladesh), along with Hanna-Barbera to UNICEF.
  3. There are some good animators, such as Romy Garcia, who would later work for Toon City and WildBrain.
  4. Their short film "A Day in the Life of Jerry Smith" (dedicated to studio founder Jerry Smith) shows interestly how the animation in the studio was made.




7 months ago
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The time Hanna-Barbera went downhill because of this.


7 months ago
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Hey I actually CAUGHT that Stimpy's black dot eyes error. Personally, I thought that was just originally put on there, I guess not.


6 months ago
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If there are no aircons, are there electric fans?


6 months ago
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This studio makes AKOM look like a paragon of quality.


4 months ago
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TLDR; This studio has bad animation. Oh, and other stuff.

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