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Fight between João Gordo and Dado Dolabella on Gordo a Go-Go

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Vai tomar no seu c-, filho da p--! (Go f- yourself motherf-!) - João Gordo

Gordo a Go-Go was a television program on MTV Brasil aired between July 17, 2000 and December 28, 2005, hosted by João Gordo. The program had a talk show format.

On November 23, 2003, where the program's host João Gordo was interviewing Dado Dolabella, Dado ended up taking weapons to the program, one of them being an axe, but because of a disagreement, where Dado retorted to Gordo, who was a fan of his, but stopped being when he "betrayed the punk movement", he made him say: "Ah, this one is old! Who are you, you little shitty playboy.", Dado ended up breaking João Gordo's table with the axe, which resulted in them fighting and exchanging pushes and insults (one of those insults "Vai tomar no seu cu, filho da puta!" said by João Gordo towards Dado Dolabella, ended up becoming a source for Brazilian YouTube Poops years later), and Dado Dolabella ended up leaving the program contained by the security guards of MTV because of the size of the fight that was getting intense. The reason for the fight was due to a joke by João Gordo to Dado's girlfriend at the time, Wanessa Camargo and he thought his attitude was a big cowardice and promised her that he would pay back on him.[1] Despite having been commented on at the time, no images were released until 2006, when MTV Brasil launched the streaming platform MTV Overdrive, included the fight between João Gordo and Dado Dolabella that didn't air on television, which generated criticism from João Gordo.[2] Zico Goes to IstoÉ Gente declared that he had no interest in prosecuting Dado Dolabella, but would have to pay for the table damage.[3]

Since then, João and Dado have exchanged criticisms against each other in interviews about their fight.



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